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RoRo Yone Shaking Up the Hip Hop Scene with ‘Bones’

It’s not every day that new artists get to break through the clout. So when artists like RoRo Yone make an entrance into the music scene and deliver an album like Bones, it’s always a momentous event. Despite rough starts and a lot of doubt from people around him, the hip-hop artist proves that he’s a force to be reckoned with. 

Rodolfo Goyone Jr, or better known as RoRo Yone, is an artist out of North Virginia who steadily makes his way up the top of the local, regional, and hopefully national and global scene. What put him on the map was his album entitled Bones, which came out in June of 2021 and quickly impacted various platforms. 

The musician has known struggle but has still proven to overcome hardships. Born in the Philippines, RoRo Yone didn’t have much initially. His family came from a humble background, spending most of their childhood in poverty and being raised in a broken home. “Our family was impoverished, bouncing around houses and spending some time on the streets,” RoRo recalls. “To detach from the grim reality surrounding me, I found music to be the perfect form of escapism.”

Some of the artist’s earliest inspirations were his siblings. They provided for the family by winning various singing competitions. At that point, what they brought to the household seemed like a life-saver to RoRo Yone. At that point, he decided that he would follow in their footsteps. Yone started pouring his time and dedication into developing his talents from that moment on. The artist learned the value of hard work and passion, putting all of his heart into his craft until he got better and better. However, the artist’s determination from the beginning was far from typical. Soon, he would move to the United States, and the rest is history.

RoRo Yone likes to take his own experiences and turn them into melodic masterpieces. He sings of both the ups and downs, the hills and the valleys, of his everyday life. This is best exemplified through his album Bones. The EP dives into the music artist’s struggles, conflict, and the road to acceptance. He entices listeners with solid lyricism and authentically presents values and beliefs that RoRo holds dear.

Moreover, the artist has a knack for expressing his story with a touch of entertainment value and a whole lot of inspiration. As an artist and music professional, he stays down-to-earth, building rapport and networking with anyone who shares his passion for music and entertainment. On top of his personal experiences, RoRo Yone draws inspiration from day-to-day living. “I write songs that most people can relate to,” the artist adds. “From day-to-day life to re-living party nights, to life struggles with positive messages, or even the battles everyone deals with when driving.” Despite living a life full of neglect, disappointment, and discouragement, Roro still pushes himself to work hard with the belief that he has the power to change his situation. He does not let his environment set a limit on him and remains fueled by optimism. All in all, RoRo Yone is dedicated to creating quality music that will push others to overcome no matter how challenging life can be. Learn more about the artist and his music by checking out his website and Instagram profile. His music can be found on Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, and Amazon Music.

Here’s What Dj Chris Angel Did to Turn His Life Around and Become the Artist He Is Now

Dj Chris Angel had been through situations he thought he couldn’t overcome. Yet, what he did to become who he is now has changed his life completely, and he wanted to let others know how to do it too.

When you think about it, not everyone has been born in an environment where you can focus on learning the things you need to learn to become a better adult. Dj Chris Angel was forced to endure his teenage years working instead of studying and enjoying his youth. When he was 14 years old, he worked at a coffee shop watering plants. Later, at 16, he would juggle both high school and work. He then worked at a fast food joint while selling CDs at a music store. While his situation seems like it’s gonna go on forever, he thought otherwise and knew he needed to do something to change his life.

The moment he realized this, he planned out how to save his meager income. The money he then saved up will then be used to buy music equipment and old records to start learning scratching. Even while he found something that would make him feel like he’s only a teenager playing football, he would find himself passing up football practice to head to work. “I remembered my coach would yell, ‘Hey Magic Man, where are you going?’,” Dj Chris Angel narrated. “Heading to work, coach,” he responds. At that time, he had long hair, and someone on his team called him Chris Angel, who would, later on, become his moniker, hence, Dj Chris Angel.

Dj Chris Angel would attribute the changes to his life to 10 powerful pieces of advice.

  1. Don’t be afraid to invest in your ideas
  2. Set a budget for your releases
  3. Read more and always stay hungry for information
  4. Stay away from negative people who don’t see your dream as important
  5. A quote from the great Joe Rogan, “Live your life as if you had a film crew documenting your success.”
  6. Don’t rush your success. My dad once told me, “Son, even a 1,000-mile trip begins with 1 step.”
  7. Failure is ok regardless of who’s watching
  8. Empower others who need you, most of your fans you probably don’t know personally.
  9. No such thing as “losses,” only lessons 
  10. Repeat tips 1-9 until you become successful to your standards

His life is a testament that anything is possible. He wanted to show others, especially his fans, that your situation is only temporary. 

With his career in his music, he is inspired by his fans and listeners who are looking forward to the music he creates. This became a huge impact on his creative process that he actually created a song based on his fan’s name. 

At the moment, Dj Chris Angel is making diverse music. He describes it as “something you haven’t heard before.” For him, it’s all about making music with a unique style inspired by other music genres he enjoys. Finally, he looks forward to making music and performing alongside other artists he looks up to in the future.

To learn more about Dj Chris Angel, follow him on Instagram.

Google Verifies World’s First Trillionaire Steven Kronick

Google has verified that Forbes verified multi billionaire Steven Kronick is now the world’s first Trillionaire.

The world famous visionary started VisualTargeting® from a Malibu Beach mountaintop mansion after his one way flight to Venice. Steven Kronick built the multi national brand into a multi billion dollar empire that is trusted by Fortune 500s, Businesses, Bestsellers, Celebrities, in 181 World Nations.

The brand was first featured in Forbes in 2010, the magazine stated that Visual Targeting is “the most powerful advancement in the design, advertising and marketing industries, that this century will see.”

In 2017 after Facebook verified Steven Kronick’s brand Forbes magazine verified the billionaire via an interview approved by a world leading Mergers and Acquisitions law firm. That same year the world’s largest English encyclopedia verified Steven Kronick as the world’s first trillionaire.

In 2018 the United States’ most trusted history group that saves the world history for 124 years and honors world leaders like Joel Osteen, Hugh Hefner and United States Presidents, verified and certified that Steven Kronick is the world’s first trillionaire.

That same year Google verified both Steven Kronick and Visual Targeting as business world leaders making Steven Kronick the world’s first verified Trillionaire.

In 2020 Fortune Magazine quoted Steven Kronick saying “Trust God with your Good Vision.” That same year Steven Kronick was named Saint thanks to the same church where Sir Richard Branson and Lady Gaga are ministers.

Steven Kronick is a Christian American Entertainment Entrepreneur who built his first incorporated business when he was 17 years old, hired a team, agents, sold it at 21. Steven started his first bank account at 8 years old to cash his first corporate commission.

In 2008 Steven Kronick moved into a magnificent mansion high above Malibu Beach with huge ocean views, an indoor swimming pool, overlooking Frank Sinatra’s estate where legend has it he entertained Marilyn Monroe and enjoyed his highest lifestyle with his wife and daughter.

At that mansion the word Visual Targeting appeared to Steven in a dream. That day he named his company Visual Targeting, and started the spiritual path that built perhaps the world’s biggest visual style brand.

Soon Steven Kronick found himself in love with the nation’s most beautiful college campus Pepperdine University and had to answer their request to share the relationship he had with Jesus Christ. At that point he told them that while he grew up in a Christian family and spent his summers at church, he wanted to learn what a relationship with Jesus Christ means.

That’s when he met his first California love, a beautiful blonde blue eyed girl that was in Steven Kronick’s acting class. Their romance started a passion that is historic perhaps Biblical in proportion. She told him to start a Twitter profile for Visual Targeting when Twitter was brand new. So Steven told her to start it for him if she thinks that it will be valuable.

That one miraculous move brought Steven into the world’s brightest light as four days after they started VisualTargeting’s profile on Twitter, the world’s #1 coach Tony Robbins who has advised every living United States President, movie stars, billionaires, and music legends, called Steven Kronick for help. 

Within a year Steven Kronick’s brand grew into a multi national mega brand trusted in 168 nations winning valuations in the billions together with world leading clients like AARP, TIGI BedHead, Chet Holmes, UniLever.

At one point America’s #1 sales strategist and advisor to Warren Buffett’s billionaire business partner and 55 Fortune 500s, Chet Holmes brought a marketing proposal to Steven Kronick, to sell the brand’s proprietary services to the 100 Million business people that he had email access to at $400 a month. 

Steven Kronick kept the brand to himself because he believed the proprietary services are worth a higher value.

Steven Kronick’s move proved to be wise when years later he won three United States Patents for the up to 11 trillion Visual Style Palettes that the brand had automated availability to.

The first patent was later approved by the world’s leading patent auction house to be listed at a billion dollars, the highest single patent valuation in world history.

The Immediate Impact of Logan Simmons and Zach Conley’s Agency Volume Digital in the Music Industry

Musical artists are driven to create unique music, sharing their life stories and insights to inspire people going through similar ordeals. However, the road to a successful music career is filled with trials and tribulations. While the process of producing a hit is a struggle in itself, artists are faced with the challenge of finding the right audience they can share their music with. Logan Simmons and Zach Conley, two visionaries and music lovers, were aware of the problem that most budding artists faced and sought to find a solution, culminating in the birth of their agency, Volume Digital.

Volume Digital is a full-service marketing agency designed to help rising names in the music industry make great leaps in their career through music marketing. The brand is focused on getting its clients to promote their music releases, ensuring the momentum they need to succeed. Volume Digital also supports independent artists, record labels, and collectives to develop their brand, scaling their digital footprint across digital platforms. 

Co-founders Logan Simmons and Zach Conley formulated their brand after recognizing the problem in the music industry. With their experience as entrepreneurs, the duo set out to build Volume Digital by utilizing their social media and influencer marketing expertise. As a result, they were able to get their company off to a good start, attributing their success to their background.

Logan Simmons’ career started early at fifteen years old. He accredits his knowledge to his uncle, who took Simmons with him making antique toy sales. “I’d travel and help host toy-buying events where we would buy inventory from locals in cities across America and then list them on eBay,” shared Simmons. Their time together gave him the fundamentals of sales and online marketing. Additionally, Simmons recalls that the experience taught him that there were life-changing possibilities of working for himself and entrepreneurship as a whole. 

Zach Conley’s career started a little later at twenty-one, when he worked as a digital marketing expert for several major record labels, helping their signed acts develop a digital footprint. His job description would include helping the artist the labels signed create their social media presence, helping them share their music and create an organic buzz. He and Simmons would later meet in late 2017, building a solid partnership and sharing the same sentiments that eventually lay Volume Digital’s foundation. 

Putting their experience, knowledge, and skills together, Logan Simmons and Zach Conley took an idea and transformed it into a top-of-mind service agency renowned for its efficient music marketing campaigns.

“It has never been easier to start a digital business and/or be an independent artist,” Simmons shared, “We have great accessibility to reach mass audiences and a customer base compared to any generation prior to us.” 

While Volume Digital has quickly established itself as a powerhouse in the music industry, Simmons and Conley are enthusiastic about its future. They foresee the company advancing into music technology, providing clients with self-service marketing automation systems with cutting-edge technology. The duo also revealed that they strive to create new platforms where artists can market themselves, breaking free from the traditional agency, marketing representative, or label.

Learn more about Volume Digital by visiting their official website.

Josh E. Starr Rises Through the Ranks as Top Cryptocurrency Influencer

As the famous proverb goes, a person is only one decision away from a totally different life. For influencer Josh E. Starr, aka Kosher Khaled, the decision that completely changed his life for the better was getting into cryptocurrency investments.

Approximately four years ago, the young man had been sleeping and living on his friend’s couch. With only $247 to his name, he resolved to make a better life for himself and started working at a local funding company. In the first two weeks at his new job, he was able to earn $16,000. 

He left the job right after and contacted his cousin, who had both funding and business experience, to start their own company. Because of his innate leadership qualities, the budding business owner was able to handpick 15 of his closest and best friends whom he loved and adored and hired them to be salespeople. 

Eighteen months ago, prominent crypto investors piqued his interest. Since then, he started doing some research about them and digital currencies in general. Not long after, his prolific career with crypto investments began. He hit the ground running when he invested with his very first cryptocurrency, which is Ethereum. In just a short period, he has learned a great deal about the art and trade of cryptocurrency. Now, a large part of his investment portfolio consists of digital currencies. 

Josh E. Starr’s newfound passion for investing in cryptocurrency and genuine desire to help the average consumer learn more about it and all of the latest technologies in the space have led him to become an established and sought-after crypto influencer. Currently, his personal Instagram page has more than 120,000 followers. Through the platform, he aims to give the average person a genuine chance to build their wealth the same way he did his.

What makes him stand out from the rest of the competition is his charisma and propensity to be relatable. By sharing his expertise and story, he hopes to encourage other individuals to find their own path with cryptocurrency. The influencer clarifies that he does not offer any sort of financial advice. Instead, he aims to educate and explain how others can become successful investors in cryptocurrency. In effect, it empowers these people to conduct research and make decisions on their own.

His immense success in the world of cryptocurrencies has allowed him to gain financial freedom. It has opened up multiple opportunities for the entrepreneur to venture into numerous business partnerships.

Undoubtedly, the young man has come a long way since his days of having next to nothing. His hard work, perseverance, and can-do attitude have been instrumental to his success.

Motivated and inspired by his impressive accomplishments, Josh E. Starr has big aspirations for the future. In a few years, he sees himself growing his influence in the field of digital currency even more and eventually becoming a thought leader. He plans on launching startups in the industry as well. Learn more about cryptocurrency investments and Josh Starr by visiting his Instagram.

JT Hammons Solving Problems through MortgageRPM

The average LO closes between three to five mortgages every month while putting in over 50 hours of work every week. Before Detroit introduced the most significant and most impactful revolution in the auto industry, it took 12 hours to build a vehicle. With the Detroit revolution and the introduction of an assembly line, a car could be built within an hour and thirty-three minutes, which is by far and large a massive improvement on the technology available in the auto industry. JT Hammons, seeing the impacts of these innovations and inspired by the ingenuity and the automation of Detroit, created a system that adds 14 to 16 closings every month for his clients.

Dr. JT Hammons is a serial entrepreneur and an innovator. He is the founder of MortgageRPM, where he helps mortgage loan officers double, triple and even quadruple their closings while working just 30 hours a week. In a career spanning almost two decades, he has actively been a student of direct-response marketing since 2003. That and holding a Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership, his personal and professional goals are streamlined along the line and driven by his desire to be a coach and consultant to c-level executives. Following the path eventually led him into the financial sector, where he has actively pursued his personal goal of helping others succeed. With MortgageRPM, the way I can do that is to help MLOs reach their potential in the industry.

While Hammons does not know what goes on precisely in rival companies, he points out that at MortgageRPM, the company operates on a pretty distinct model, specially created to serve each client to their satisfaction. He said, “The first thing we do is combat the commoditization mindset. You deserve to work with clients who believe in paying a premium for working with a true professional. It’s the difference between shopping at Target versus the House of Bijan.” To put into perspective, “Specialization and standards are key. Once you understand that, we can dial in your marketing. We put the strategies and systems in place that accelerate rapid results. Usually, by the second or third month working with us, our LOs receive more applications in one month than they ever have before. It is so much fun.”

On what motivated him to build his brand, Hammons said, “The motivation behind turning MortgageRPM was speed. No pun intended. In a freelance environment, you are always accountable to the slowest person in the process. Bringing my team under one team has given us the ability to help more LOs much quicker than ever before. And that’s what I want. To help as many mortgage loan officers as we possibly can.”

Seeing the level of the increase in demand from real estate agents’ insurance brokers and financial planners to offer what MortgageRPM does in those markets. It won’t be a surprise if MortgageRPM ventures into those industries; however, Hammons’ personal goal for the next five years includes helping at least 100 Los double, triple or even quadruple their closing while putting in less work. “Right now, that’s what success looks like for us.”

Learn more about MortgageRPM or book a session with them via their official website.

Daniel Kivo Always Finds the Right People for The Right Company

Most employers know that filling their company with the right people will give them better outcomes and help them achieve their goals. And finding the right people is what the human resources department is for. But when their methods may need a revamp, or the company needs to improve their recruitment strategy, they can turn to a human resource professional like Daniel Kivo. With years of experience in marketing, recruitment, sales, and human resources, he can help companies create strategies that will ensure their growth.

Daniel Kivo is a strategic talent sourcing professional with extensive experience working with major organizations. In his decade-long career, Daniel has been given core leadership positions as he worked to position the company for increased growth and profitability through innovative sourcing strategies, optimization of return on human capital, and realignment of departmental performance to company goals and objectives.

Given his successful track record, Daniel Kivo has built lasting positive relationships with the people he worked with. His expert guidance has allowed him to understand their business needs and develop effective strategies to meet their goal. Organizations also report that Daniel exhibits a strong work ethic and innate ability to exhibit enthusiasm, drive, and initiative.

A graduate of Vanguard University with a communication degree, he soon went to get a master’s degree in human resources at Claremont GraduateUniversity. After his formal education, Daniel also sought out training and certification in other areas which he could use for his preferred line of work. 

Daniel has a long track record of success in human resources, marketing, and sales for different corporate entities and organizations. Soon after graduating, he joined the United States Navy as a human resource specialist from 2010 to 2014. After that, he worked for two years at Showdown Events Company as a sales executive.

In 2016, Daniel Kivo joined Link Consulting. During his time with this company, Daniel was in charge of the entire recruitment phase. His responsibilities included sourcing, interviewing, referencing, and negotiating offers for candidates for the Medical and IT departments. During this period, Daniel was able to create a new data-based candidate selection parameter. He was also responsible for the development of an automated resume screening process. Both of these contributions sped up the recruitment process and made it more efficient. 

Recently, Daniel Kivo established Hire VA Now, a virtual marketplace where business owners and employers can look for qualified virtual assistants for their business. Applicants interested in the role of virtual assistants had to be proficient in different areas, such as  e-commerce, web development, and digital marketing. They are screened based on work skills, attitude, experience, and communication skills. The platform then lists the top candidates that business owners can choose from. 

The human resource space has been evolving, and Daniel Kivo has been at the forefront of these changes. His long-term experience, paired with his innovative ideas and methods make him well-suited to adapt to the changes in human resource needs. His leadership skills put him a cut above the rest, and will surely help his career develop further in the years to come. Daniel Kivo is a strategic talent sourcing professional with a decade of experience in human resources.

To learn more about him and his work, you can check his LinkedIn page or follow him on Instagram.

Wealth Strategist and Best-Selling Author, Lakeisha Marion, Shows Women How to Establish Generational Wealth and Think Bigger

Lakeisha Marion shares her story through her best-seller, From Tragedy to Triumph. Her real-life experiences separate her from the crowd and give Lakeisha the compassion to help women who are in the situation she used to be in.

Through hard work and dedication, Lakeisha went from being a surgical technician to becoming the first millionairess in her family. She didn’t have it easy from the start and has fought back against things that would have made others give up.

She was able to rebuild her seven-figure real estate portfolio after having seven foreclosures. Lakeisha also fell in love with network marketing and discovered that it was a perfect match for her. She enjoyed motivating others, which is why she received the title of the top producer in her firm after only one year.

Lakeisha knew so many women who wanted to build wealth like hers but didn’t have a strategy or any knowledge in real estate. This gave her the push to become a mentor and wealth strategist with the aim of helping women to establish and generate wealth for themselves.

Lakeisha has several high-income sources as a real estate investor and wealth strategist. She understands that through her mentor programs, she can provide other women with the knowledge they need to establish multiple passive income streams for themselves.

Lakeisha’s goal is to give women who were like her an education in finance, so they can also have the knowledge and tools to become financially independent like herself.

This is where her Wealthy Women’s Winning Circle Academy comes in. It’s a one-of-a-kind mentorship program that Lakeisha devotes herself to help women improve their financial knowledge. From confidence-boosting workshops and personal branding lessons to financial literacy courses and private wealth tips, Lakeisha provides it all in her mentorship program.

Ultimately though, Lakeisha bases her programs around gaining financial freedom and stability through making clever real estate investments. She pushes the idea that one of the fastest paths to wealth is real estate, and she wants more women to know about this.

Through real estate, she wants to inspire professional women to say yes to wealth creation. Lakeisha also wants to be a counselor and assist them in avoiding the same errors she made on her journey.

Lakeisha Marion has so many skills under her belt. She’s a best-selling author, money strategist, investor, mentor, licensed minister, board-certified professional life coach, and multi-level marketing expert.

She believes that her work will help people understand their finances better and provide them with the knowledge they need to achieve their life’s goals. Lakeisha also hopes to empower and educate her community about financial literacy, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship among other things. Her enthusiasm for this led her to mentor thousands of people and help them get on track toward their own financial independence

Over 25,000 women have benefited from Lakeisha’s knowledge and empathy. Part of her mentorship program even features retreats that are intended to elevate the women she mentors in every aspect of their lives.

Lakeisha teaches people all around the globe how to create a successful business. She didn’t come from a rich family, and she understands what hard labour is all about. She’s fallen and made mistakes, but she never allowed it to overpower her; now she’s unstoppable. Lakeisha wants to guide and help other women and show them how to avoid some of the same mistakes she has made, and fast-track their way to success.

Learn more about Lakeisha Marion on her official website.

Toby Rippetoe Helps Real Estate Agents Navigate the Competitive Waters of the Industry

In the face of the flood of resources accessible to people who wish to enter the real estate field and establish a name, it has become possible for countless go-getters to learn what they need to materialize their dreams. However, this comes with the painstaking process of figuring out what works best and often leads to mistakes that could prove detrimental to the potential success of their real estate endeavors. So, it pays to seek the guidance of established authorities who have managed to reach the top and overcome the odds. In the world of real estate, Toby Rippetoe serves as one of these powerhouses. An acclaimed expert with an impressive portfolio attached to his name, he has helped maneuver countless agents and aspirants in the right direction. Today, he continues to equip those under his wing with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate the competitive waters of the real estate industry. 

Armed with over twenty years of experience in international real estate business, real estate brokerages, development, property management, and entrepreneurship, this University of Central Oklahoma graduate has snagged numerous achievements under his belt in the two decades since he first started dipping his toes in the industry. Apart from buying and selling more than fifty properties on an international scale as an investment, Toby Rippetoe has also owned and operated a hotel in Colorado, a beach-front bar and grill in Costa Rica, three real estate establishments in multiple countries, and a host of other ventures, including condominiums, convenience stores, and a gas station. 

With his extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the commercial space, Toby Rippetoe has risen as a go-to resource for those who wish to ace the game. Through his purpose-driven companies, he’s lent a hand to hundreds of agents in selling or acquiring properties in various locations, from Colorado, Las Vegas, Florida and Oklahoma to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. 

Now, through his signature authority accelerator program, the highly accomplished figure sheds light on the A to Z of taking your real estate business from zero to $100,000 annually or your team or agency to multi 7-figures. This strategically tailored platform details the actionable steps that clients need to take to reach greater heights in the real estate industry and secure the financial freedom that they’ve always set their eyes on from the get-go. Comprehensive in its approach to supporting individuals in their bid for success, Toby Rippetoe’s brainchild not only emphasizes the beliefs and actions that they need to embrace and practice to excel as entrepreneurs but also underscores the values that separate the successful from those who came up short on their dreams. 

For the past twenty years, Toby Rippetoe has enjoyed his position at the forefront of the real estate scene and has poured effort, time, and resources both into elevating his brand and giving a leg up to others. Despite this, he plans to keep going all-out in helping thousands of real estate professionals build their own seven-figure companies. At the core of his initiatives is to transform as many as he can into the authorities of their respective fields. 

Learn more about Toby Rippetoe by visiting his website ( Get in touch with him through his Calendly

Esoteric Collection Is Giving Rising Artists a Platform

The world of art often feels fragmented at times, with promising artists on one side and avid art collectors on the other. In times where the divide between the two tribes seems insurmountable, art collective Esoteric Collection and its founder Aaron Von Ossko hope to bridge the gap and give rising artists a platform to showcase their best works to art enthusiasts everywhere. 

Aaron is a rare cross between a business-savvy entrepreneur and a creative artist. His love and passion for the arts know no bounds. Growing up, he belonged to a household that was not supportive of his calling. His father discouraged Aaron from pouring his life into the thing he loved most. But highly convinced that nothing else would make him happier, the art specialist went against the grain and chose to live according to his own rules. 

Today, he has successfully built an art collective slash empire that influences artists and art circles all over the nation. Esoteric Collection assists countless artists with celebrated talent by providing them with the right media presence and career development services to connect creators with larger audiences. The company has worked with many iconic artists, including Baltimore-based painter Purnell Gray. Esoteric Collection also works with many other established and rising artists like Tonia Calderone, King Saladeen, Retna, Gregory Siff, Plastic Jesus, Sek, Britney Palmer, Flore, Spencer “Mar” Gilburt, Skyler Grey, Ace of LA, Jimmy Paintz, Justyna, Yelena York, and Lina Valentina.

Esoteric Collection hopes to improve the “gallery concept” by removing the middleman and allowing artists to do what they do best, which is create. Aaron Von Ossko has mastered the craft of packaging artists and building up their brand and image among some of the nation’s biggest collector circles. As both an artist and collector himself, Aaron understands both sides of the conversation’s pain points and views and knows how to find the best middle ground where both parties win. 

The art collective’s mission is to bring greater awareness of art amongst the general public, helping more people understand that the visual arts are more than just old paintings in a museum. It hopes to create awareness of the societal and cultural impacts that art plays in the community and the many benefits it brings to people. As a result, Aaron and Esoteric Collection have won dozens of artists’ trust and loyalty and curated over one hundred works of art from artists who inspire through their craft. Esoteric Collection has worked with Art Basel and the LA Art Show to showcase the best of contemporary artists from all four corners of the country.

The art curation company has worked with many international brands to advocate for greater art appreciation, including Nike, Maxim, Nikki Beach, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Philipp Plein, and FHM. It has also worked with many forward-thinking galleries such as Soze Gallery, Art Angels, Julien’s Auctions, and Gallery Go.

Despite the many challenges he faces, Aaron Von Ossko is motivated to turn the Esoteric Collection into a leader in the American art space and beyond. To follow the art curation collective and its founder Aaron Von Ossko, visit their website and Instagram page.