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Wealth Strategist and Best-Selling Author, Lakeisha Marion, Shows Women How to Establish Generational Wealth and Think Bigger

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Lakeisha Marion shares her story through her best-seller, From Tragedy to Triumph. Her real-life experiences separate her from the crowd and give Lakeisha the compassion to help women who are in the situation she used to be in.

Through hard work and dedication, Lakeisha went from being a surgical technician to becoming the first millionairess in her family. She didn’t have it easy from the start and has fought back against things that would have made others give up.

She was able to rebuild her seven-figure real estate portfolio after having seven foreclosures. Lakeisha also fell in love with network marketing and discovered that it was a perfect match for her. She enjoyed motivating others, which is why she received the title of the top producer in her firm after only one year.

Lakeisha knew so many women who wanted to build wealth like hers but didn’t have a strategy or any knowledge in real estate. This gave her the push to become a mentor and wealth strategist with the aim of helping women to establish and generate wealth for themselves.

Lakeisha has several high-income sources as a real estate investor and wealth strategist. She understands that through her mentor programs, she can provide other women with the knowledge they need to establish multiple passive income streams for themselves.

Lakeisha’s goal is to give women who were like her an education in finance, so they can also have the knowledge and tools to become financially independent like herself.

This is where her Wealthy Women’s Winning Circle Academy comes in. It’s a one-of-a-kind mentorship program that Lakeisha devotes herself to help women improve their financial knowledge. From confidence-boosting workshops and personal branding lessons to financial literacy courses and private wealth tips, Lakeisha provides it all in her mentorship program.

Ultimately though, Lakeisha bases her programs around gaining financial freedom and stability through making clever real estate investments. She pushes the idea that one of the fastest paths to wealth is real estate, and she wants more women to know about this.

Through real estate, she wants to inspire professional women to say yes to wealth creation. Lakeisha also wants to be a counselor and assist them in avoiding the same errors she made on her journey.

Lakeisha Marion has so many skills under her belt. She’s a best-selling author, money strategist, investor, mentor, licensed minister, board-certified professional life coach, and multi-level marketing expert.

She believes that her work will help people understand their finances better and provide them with the knowledge they need to achieve their life’s goals. Lakeisha also hopes to empower and educate her community about financial literacy, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship among other things. Her enthusiasm for this led her to mentor thousands of people and help them get on track toward their own financial independence

Over 25,000 women have benefited from Lakeisha’s knowledge and empathy. Part of her mentorship program even features retreats that are intended to elevate the women she mentors in every aspect of their lives.

Lakeisha teaches people all around the globe how to create a successful business. She didn’t come from a rich family, and she understands what hard labour is all about. She’s fallen and made mistakes, but she never allowed it to overpower her; now she’s unstoppable. Lakeisha wants to guide and help other women and show them how to avoid some of the same mistakes she has made, and fast-track their way to success.

Learn more about Lakeisha Marion on her official website.

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