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Get a Feel of the Smooth and Exciting Shopping Experience of Shopaway

The convenience and ease of doing online shopping nowadays has changed the experience of consumers dramatically, especially the past year, when many feared the idea of having to go to a physical store to shop for their much-needed items. The Florida-based retail company, Shopaway, is giving consumers a whole new experience with its online store featuring a wide array of products that are designed to improve the look of any home. 

Shopaway is currently leading in the home decor sector, attracting consumers from all over the country to its inspiring and iconic online site that is easy to navigate. Its products are simple yet also possess the elegance that every home needs. It also features natural products that are considered safe and eco-friendly. It represents what is timeless in every homemaker’s imagination.

From simple yet eye-catching home decors to bed and bath accessories and trendy kitchen supplies, Shopaway is every homemaker’s shopping heaven. Co-Founded by serial entrepreneur Damani Norman, the company prides itself in providing high-quality products to every American, ordered straight from the comforts and safety of their homes. As online shopping continues to be one of the most consistent trends today, Norman is confident that Shopaway will continue to dominate the industry. As CEO, he aims to be able to elevate the online shopping experience of every consumer year after year. 

Another exciting feature from Shopaway is its very affordable products. The company has managed to outsource the best of the best items in the market today to help their clients make significant home improvements without hurting their budget. 

“Starting now until the end of the year, you can transform your house into a home with Shopaway’s sale that supplies unmatched low prices,” Director of Operations Katherine Harrison shared. “With our affordable yet exquisite selection of organic, essential, and timeless home goods, anybody can build a beautiful space to live their lives in.”

To further improve the delivery of its services, Shopaway added a couple of highly skilled and dedicated customer service representatives this year. Norman believes in the value of prioritizing customer satisfaction to generate loyalty. By making sure that they stay happy and their needs are met, Shopaway is fast becoming a household name across America. 

Consumers can also look forward to new features in the near future. Shopaway is rolling out plans to accept cryptocurrency as payment for its acclaimed items. This comes as a welcome development to many Americans who are currently invested in cryptocurrency. At present, quite a number of big brands are available at Shopaway, including Wayfair, Overstock and Ashley Furnitures. 

Norman is also all about exceeding the expectations of the company’s clients, both old and new. As the company’s thrust is to please every customer that seeks the Shopaway experience, he believes that it is key in bringing the company to the next level. With competition being very tight nowadays, it pays to have a distinct offering that consumers will always look for. And when it comes to having a memorable shopping experience, Shopaway is leading steadily. 

Visit the Shopaway website to learn more about its latest products. Follow its Instagram account for more information on its offerings. 

Wealth Strategist and Best-Selling Author, Lakeisha Marion, Shows Women How to Establish Generational Wealth and Think Bigger

Lakeisha Marion shares her story through her best-seller, From Tragedy to Triumph. Her real-life experiences separate her from the crowd and give Lakeisha the compassion to help women who are in the situation she used to be in.

Through hard work and dedication, Lakeisha went from being a surgical technician to becoming the first millionairess in her family. She didn’t have it easy from the start and has fought back against things that would have made others give up.

She was able to rebuild her seven-figure real estate portfolio after having seven foreclosures. Lakeisha also fell in love with network marketing and discovered that it was a perfect match for her. She enjoyed motivating others, which is why she received the title of the top producer in her firm after only one year.

Lakeisha knew so many women who wanted to build wealth like hers but didn’t have a strategy or any knowledge in real estate. This gave her the push to become a mentor and wealth strategist with the aim of helping women to establish and generate wealth for themselves.

Lakeisha has several high-income sources as a real estate investor and wealth strategist. She understands that through her mentor programs, she can provide other women with the knowledge they need to establish multiple passive income streams for themselves.

Lakeisha’s goal is to give women who were like her an education in finance, so they can also have the knowledge and tools to become financially independent like herself.

This is where her Wealthy Women’s Winning Circle Academy comes in. It’s a one-of-a-kind mentorship program that Lakeisha devotes herself to help women improve their financial knowledge. From confidence-boosting workshops and personal branding lessons to financial literacy courses and private wealth tips, Lakeisha provides it all in her mentorship program.

Ultimately though, Lakeisha bases her programs around gaining financial freedom and stability through making clever real estate investments. She pushes the idea that one of the fastest paths to wealth is real estate, and she wants more women to know about this.

Through real estate, she wants to inspire professional women to say yes to wealth creation. Lakeisha also wants to be a counselor and assist them in avoiding the same errors she made on her journey.

Lakeisha Marion has so many skills under her belt. She’s a best-selling author, money strategist, investor, mentor, licensed minister, board-certified professional life coach, and multi-level marketing expert.

She believes that her work will help people understand their finances better and provide them with the knowledge they need to achieve their life’s goals. Lakeisha also hopes to empower and educate her community about financial literacy, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship among other things. Her enthusiasm for this led her to mentor thousands of people and help them get on track toward their own financial independence

Over 25,000 women have benefited from Lakeisha’s knowledge and empathy. Part of her mentorship program even features retreats that are intended to elevate the women she mentors in every aspect of their lives.

Lakeisha teaches people all around the globe how to create a successful business. She didn’t come from a rich family, and she understands what hard labour is all about. She’s fallen and made mistakes, but she never allowed it to overpower her; now she’s unstoppable. Lakeisha wants to guide and help other women and show them how to avoid some of the same mistakes she has made, and fast-track their way to success.

Learn more about Lakeisha Marion on her official website.

Toby Rippetoe Helps Real Estate Agents Navigate the Competitive Waters of the Industry

In the face of the flood of resources accessible to people who wish to enter the real estate field and establish a name, it has become possible for countless go-getters to learn what they need to materialize their dreams. However, this comes with the painstaking process of figuring out what works best and often leads to mistakes that could prove detrimental to the potential success of their real estate endeavors. So, it pays to seek the guidance of established authorities who have managed to reach the top and overcome the odds. In the world of real estate, Toby Rippetoe serves as one of these powerhouses. An acclaimed expert with an impressive portfolio attached to his name, he has helped maneuver countless agents and aspirants in the right direction. Today, he continues to equip those under his wing with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate the competitive waters of the real estate industry. 

Armed with over twenty years of experience in international real estate business, real estate brokerages, development, property management, and entrepreneurship, this University of Central Oklahoma graduate has snagged numerous achievements under his belt in the two decades since he first started dipping his toes in the industry. Apart from buying and selling more than fifty properties on an international scale as an investment, Toby Rippetoe has also owned and operated a hotel in Colorado, a beach-front bar and grill in Costa Rica, three real estate establishments in multiple countries, and a host of other ventures, including condominiums, convenience stores, and a gas station. 

With his extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the commercial space, Toby Rippetoe has risen as a go-to resource for those who wish to ace the game. Through his purpose-driven companies, he’s lent a hand to hundreds of agents in selling or acquiring properties in various locations, from Colorado, Las Vegas, Florida and Oklahoma to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. 

Now, through his signature authority accelerator program, the highly accomplished figure sheds light on the A to Z of taking your real estate business from zero to $100,000 annually or your team or agency to multi 7-figures. This strategically tailored platform details the actionable steps that clients need to take to reach greater heights in the real estate industry and secure the financial freedom that they’ve always set their eyes on from the get-go. Comprehensive in its approach to supporting individuals in their bid for success, Toby Rippetoe’s brainchild not only emphasizes the beliefs and actions that they need to embrace and practice to excel as entrepreneurs but also underscores the values that separate the successful from those who came up short on their dreams. 

For the past twenty years, Toby Rippetoe has enjoyed his position at the forefront of the real estate scene and has poured effort, time, and resources both into elevating his brand and giving a leg up to others. Despite this, he plans to keep going all-out in helping thousands of real estate professionals build their own seven-figure companies. At the core of his initiatives is to transform as many as he can into the authorities of their respective fields. 

Learn more about Toby Rippetoe by visiting his website ( Get in touch with him through his Calendly