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Bringing Flavor and Fitness in a Single Sauce, Southern Belle Gardens Crafts Healthier Options for All the Foodies Out There

A delicious sauce can make any dish taste a whole lot better. Whether it’s barbecued, grilled, or fried, a hearty American meal just isn’t complete without a hearty sauce to come along with it. Anner Turner and Dellesa Johnson know this fact all too well. Growing up in Alabama, they would eat delicious meals to their heart’s content. As  certified foodies concerned for their overall health, they would soon discover the lack of healthier options for sauces that would match their current lifestyle. Thus, Southern Belle Gardens was born, bridging the gap between healthy and delicious sauces in today’s culinary market. 

Southern Belle Gardens is a company founded by Alabama-born childhood friends Anner Turner and Dellesa Johnson. The company is poised to bring a healthier twist to the traditional BBQ sauces that Americans have known and loved for all these years. Using only the world’s freshest and healthiest organic ingredients, Southern Belle Gardens is poised to build a name for itself in the food industry as a brand to look out for. 

Southern Belle Gardens created its first sauce, called the Southern Belle BBQ sauce, by infusing it with turmeric, ginger, and honey. Made in fresh ingredients and low in sodium and sugar, the Southern Belle BBQ sauce caters to health-conscious individuals who want to take charge of healthy options without compromising on the taste. 

Through its proprietary products, Southern Belle Gardens fully embodies its catchy tagline that says, “Experiencing the taste without expanding the waist.” With a mission to create the healthiest and best-tasting sauces out there, Southern Belle Gardens aims to curb the average citizen’s sugar and sodium intake, the main factors that cause heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

When asked what truly motivated her to start her brand, Anner Turner responded, “After 21 days of fasting in January 2021, we wanted to choose healthier options for the sauces that were helping us stay on track with this lifestyle change where nothing seemed appealing, but the food was necessary.” With a lack of accessible market options, we came up with the brilliant idea to just start our own brand. “My family and I put sauce or gravy onto everything we ate, so it seemed only natural to create a new healthier choice using fresh ingredients. So, an excellent idea was created with my childhood friend in Alabama, and we jumped on the project. We decided to create a healthier sauce with all the fresh ingredients that help make food more enjoyable but healthy,” explained Anner. 

In the near future, Anner Turner and Dellesa Johnson envisions their  brand to continue creating an array of healthy and delicious sauces made with fresh ingredients locally sourced in grocery stores and health food stores. With a passion for bringing healthier sauce options to the general public, Southern Belle Gardens has delivered a much-needed product that fills a massive gap in the current market and helps inspire a new age of health consciousness and awareness. There’s nowhere to go but up for the budding brand, and it’s exciting to see how Anner and Dellesa will grow their brand in the many years to come. 


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