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Cristina Hernandez: Women’s Leadership in Music

Photo Courtesy: Cristina Hernandez
Photo Courtesy: Cristina Hernandez

The music industry, with its vast expanse of genres and talents, remains an arena where gender disparities are starkly visible, particularly in the realm of DJing. 

While society has made strides toward gender equality in various areas, the DJing world still reveals a severe gender gap. Female DJs and producers are often outnumbered, highlighting a continuing imbalance that hinders inclusivity in the music scene.

In 2018, research conducted by DJaneMag revealed that only 7% of female DJs were featured in the lineups of the top 20 festivals worldwide. Surprisingly, this trend persisted across different countries and music styles, with nearly identical data reported for 2019. 

Similarly, in club settings, the representation of female DJs mirrored this pattern, accounting for just 11% of performers. Even in top superclubs, where entertainment reigns supreme, female DJs comprised a mere 6% of the lineup on average. Despite these statistics, there is no evidence to suggest that women are any less talented or capable in this field. 

Against this challenging backdrop, Cristina Hernandez, professionally known as Cristi Hernz, stands as a figure striving for female representation in the DJing arena. 

As the founder of Selva Beats MIA, Cristina’s not just spinning her own tracks; she’s also amplifying the female voice in the DJ booth.

Cristina’s perspective on the significance of female leadership in the DJ world stems from her belief that diversity enriches the musical landscape, reflecting a sentiment echoed across various industries. She notes, “Diversity in leadership and on the stage brings a variety of perspectives that can only enhance the creative process.” 

This viewpoint highlights a crucial aspect of the conversation around gender representation: the value of diverse perspectives for creativity and innovation.

Diversity is crucial for innovation and creativity in the music industry. However, a 2019 study by the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative showed that women made up only about 21.7% of artists in popular music genres, indicating the significant underrepresentation of the creativity that women bring with their distinctive perspectives. 

As a female DJ and entrepreneur, Cristina is all about reducing this underrepresentation. She makes it a prime priority that female artists, producers, and DJs feature their work on Selva Beats MIA’s platform, ensuring their creativity is showcased on stage. 

Cristina also organizes women-focused showcases and networking events under Selva Beats MIA. These events provide female artists with opportunities to develop their skills, network with industry professionals, and gain visibility in the music scene.  

Cristina hosts tailored skill-building showcases facilitates networking opportunities and organizes events that highlight female DJs and producers. These initiatives provide practical training, guidance, and connections with industry professionals and create a supportive environment to foster career growth and a sense of belonging among female artists.

Despite facing challenges in a male-dominated industry, Cristina has earned her place as a respected figure in contemporary music. Within her drive to help emerging female artists, she inspires them to tackle stereotypes and biases directly.

Cristina’s efforts to enhance female representation in the DJ world are a reflection of a larger movement toward inclusivity and equality in music. 

While her actions contribute to the gradual reshaping of the industry, they also highlight the ongoing need for advocacy and change. The path towards a more balanced and diverse music scene is complex, but voices like Cristina’s play an important role in steering the conversation towards a more inclusive future.

As the music industry evolves, gender representation remains a crucial topic of discussion. The goal is a landscape where talent, regardless of gender, is acknowledged and given equal opportunities. Cristina Hernandez’s efforts, along with those of many others, represent significant progress toward realizing this vision. These endeavors demonstrate that through determination, advocacy, and mutual support, meaningful change is achievable with concerted action.


Published By: Aize Perez

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