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Jedari Changes the Game for Community Builders and Managers

Technology has presented many leaps and advancements in human connectivity. People from all walks of life have used their power to connect with others. In particular, a few visionaries have used digital platforms to form global communities with members from any part of the world. But technology also presented some limitations, and community builders and managers did not always have the tools necessary to fulfill all their objectives. Hence, a group of innovative minds has made their mission to build the solution–Jedari.

Jedari is setting the bar high by providing a groundbreaking solution as a community management platform built to simplify the management, scaling, and serving of communities from virtually anywhere in the world. Jedari is changing the game for communities with its many innovative features, including live streaming, direct messaging, unique, customizable member profiles, private and specific community groups, member participation scoring, and a vast library to house videos, documents, and training for the entire community. 

Jedari aims to help individuals and organizations with a tribe or a community, enhanced and equipped with various features designed to help its users. The platform provides community builders and managers with the most robust and inclusive app to serve their members in real-time. The platform also allows them to host live events with reliable connectivity features. 

In addition, Jedari simplifies the way community managers and builders connect with others. The platform allows them to communicate and transfer information to and from their members. All its efficiency is the product of Jedari’s extensive research and trial and error procedures carried out by some of the most seasoned professionals in the digital industry. After six years, Jedari has successfully created a solution that specifically targets to address the problems of community and tribe builders.

Jedari has everything a builder or manager could want, including hosting live events to benefit their communities. Furthermore, their live social interaction profiles and library features give every member a bridge to others within their circle.

“In six years of running a multi-thousand-person tribe, we have not found one platform that did everything we wanted, so we built it,” said the founders. Having been managing thousands of people under their umbrella for many years, the founders wanted to build a solution they knew would be much beneficial for people with the same goals and ambitions as themselves. Formerly launched in 2022, Jedari is already making waves across industries, with community managers and builders looking forward to using its solution for their own aspirations. Instead of searching for puzzle pieces and trying to make them work, the founders decided to take matters into their own hands. And indeed, there are no better people to make solutions to a problem than those who have experienced them firsthand for years. 

Jedari is currently headquartered at 14572 South 790 West Bluffdale, UT. With its expansive vision to change and impact the tech industry, there’s no doubt that Jedari will become a top-of-mind choice, trusted by industry leaders and community managers across the globe. 


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