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Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co. Redefines Baby Essentials

Being a mother of three has opened the eyes of Bessie Lee-Cappell to the reality that there are just not enough pragmatic baby products in the market that best serves the needs of parents who are taking care of infants. Using her personal experience to come up with helpful baby products has proven to be very exciting for many parents who also go through the same things Bessie did. Without any second thoughts, Bessie established her own business, the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co., to address the real and pressing needs of many parents across the country today and redefine baby essentials. 

The Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co. is best known for its remarkable brush bib, which was launched in July 2019. The company’s first product is a protective silicon barrier that goes around the bottle brushes, and it prevents water from splashing on the user while cleaning the item. As can be expected, a lot of mothers found Bessie’s simple yet practical idea very enriching, simply because no one thought about coming up with it until Bessie did. 

All of its products are made of durable and quality materials. They come in various fun colors that cater to the fancy of many mothers. Aside from the bottle brush bib, the company is also best known for its pacifier teether clip and elephant suspender clips for pacifiers. Aside from being showcased on the company website, the products are also available on Bessie’s Love & Care, a subsidiary of the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co. Both companies are in the business of making life a little easier for parents. In doing this, they become better at parenting and raising happy children. 

“Our brush bibs are the only protective barrier made for bottle brushes to prevent the user from being splashed on,” Bessie explains. “Our pacifier teether clips are the only all-in-one pacifier clips which grow with baby to toddlerhood, offers changeable suspender clips, doubles as a teether, made of 100% silicon for easier cleaning, FDA approved, and BPA free,” she adds. 

Aside from running her own companies, Bessie is also a committed full-time social worker for the City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services. Her passion for children has made her even more mindful of their basic needs, and it constantly puts her in a state of creativity. Growing up, she has always been told that she is special and she will someday do something phenomenal. She did not understand back then, but the realization came to her when she finally released her first product. Little did she know that the best products can actually be inspired by someone’s frustration. 

Bessie’s entrepreneurial success brings a lot of honor and pride in her family as the first to attend and graduate from college, the first to attend and finish from graduate school, and the only one to receive a license as a social worker. She received her license from Temple University. 

Looking to the future, Bessies sees nothing but transformational growth for her companies. She dreams of making the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co. a global leader in the baby product industry. By maintaining its standard for quality and safety, Bessie believes that there is nowhere to go but up.

Learn more about Baby Bottle Brush Bib by visiting its website. Check out Bessie’s Love & Care website for its baby-friendly and practical baby products.

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