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Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co. Redefines Baby Essentials

Being a mother of three has opened the eyes of Bessie Lee-Cappell to the reality that there are just not enough pragmatic baby products in the market that best serves the needs of parents who are taking care of infants. Using her personal experience to come up with helpful baby products has proven to be very exciting for many parents who also go through the same things Bessie did. Without any second thoughts, Bessie established her own business, the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co., to address the real and pressing needs of many parents across the country today and redefine baby essentials. 

The Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co. is best known for its remarkable brush bib, which was launched in July 2019. The company’s first product is a protective silicon barrier that goes around the bottle brushes, and it prevents water from splashing on the user while cleaning the item. As can be expected, a lot of mothers found Bessie’s simple yet practical idea very enriching, simply because no one thought about coming up with it until Bessie did. 

All of its products are made of durable and quality materials. They come in various fun colors that cater to the fancy of many mothers. Aside from the bottle brush bib, the company is also best known for its pacifier teether clip and elephant suspender clips for pacifiers. Aside from being showcased on the company website, the products are also available on Bessie’s Love & Care, a subsidiary of the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co. Both companies are in the business of making life a little easier for parents. In doing this, they become better at parenting and raising happy children. 

“Our brush bibs are the only protective barrier made for bottle brushes to prevent the user from being splashed on,” Bessie explains. “Our pacifier teether clips are the only all-in-one pacifier clips which grow with baby to toddlerhood, offers changeable suspender clips, doubles as a teether, made of 100% silicon for easier cleaning, FDA approved, and BPA free,” she adds. 

Aside from running her own companies, Bessie is also a committed full-time social worker for the City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services. Her passion for children has made her even more mindful of their basic needs, and it constantly puts her in a state of creativity. Growing up, she has always been told that she is special and she will someday do something phenomenal. She did not understand back then, but the realization came to her when she finally released her first product. Little did she know that the best products can actually be inspired by someone’s frustration. 

Bessie’s entrepreneurial success brings a lot of honor and pride in her family as the first to attend and graduate from college, the first to attend and finish from graduate school, and the only one to receive a license as a social worker. She received her license from Temple University. 

Looking to the future, Bessies sees nothing but transformational growth for her companies. She dreams of making the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co. a global leader in the baby product industry. By maintaining its standard for quality and safety, Bessie believes that there is nowhere to go but up.

Learn more about Baby Bottle Brush Bib by visiting its website. Check out Bessie’s Love & Care website for its baby-friendly and practical baby products.

Go Flawless Now: Defying the Aging Process with Effective and Safe Aesthetic Medicine

So many things can go wrong in an attempt to sustain one’s youthful glow nowadays. The right and safe treatment, however, can bring out one’s inner beauty without having to go through surgery or any other painful procedure.

Go Flawless Now is effectively bringing out the inner glow of both men and women through non-surgical facial enhancements. 

Aside from helping clients regain their confidence and self-esteem by looking youthful, the company always cares about what would be suitable for its clients. Some have tried to ask for outrageous facial transformations. If it puts their overall well-being at risk, they are automatically declined treatment. It only intends to enhance and improve the existing look of clients, not totally change it into an unrecognizable form.

A gallery of before and after photos of satisfied clients can be found in the company’s Instagram account. The results of the procedures are quite impressive and noticeable. It is also apparent that the methods only made the clients look younger by several numbers of years, but these did not change their overall look. This effective approach has been attracting patients from all over who seek only to bring out their inner beauty without looking overdone. 

Go Flawless Now uses injectables for its facial sculpting service. Botox is highly recommended for clients who need treatment for specific muscular conditions. This is also being used to address issues with wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. It is widely known globally as the most effective non-surgical cosmetic procedure, with over 6 million treatments administered annually. It is also useful in treating migraines, excessive sweating, and muscular disorders. 

Another option to get rid of wrinkles is to use dermal fillers. They are instrumental in smoothing wrinkles, giving projections on some regions of the face, restoring loss of volume brought about by aging, and other corrections that always result in a more young-looking face. Dermal fillers can be used for an upper facelift involving the lips, cheeks, temples, nose, and the lower portion of the eyes. The lower facelift, on the other hand, addresses smiles lines, jawline contouring, chin reshaping, and Marionette lines. 

The Sculptra is another injectable cosmetic filler that is also used to replace volume loss due to aging or illness. Its poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) component is responsible for the production of collagen. Collagen improves skin health, strength, and elasticity. It is also known to moisturize the skin and smoothen wrinkles.

Jawline and chin sculpting is also available for male clients. Statistically, there has been a 300% increase in the number of male patients who go through cosmetic treatments since 1997. Company founder and co-owner, Gohar Abrahamyan, uses a different approach when treating male patients as they have more masculine features compared to women. Hair restoration with the use of Microneedling and PRF (Platelet-rich Fibrin) is also a standard procedure male patients look for in Gohar’s company.

Gohar is a certified Physician Assistant who has been in the business of medical aesthetics since 2003. She finished her Bachelor’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a minor in Psychology in 2001 at California State University of Northridge. She completed her Master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies from Western University of Health Sciences in 2003. 

The medical aesthetics expert has more than 15 years of experience in non-surgical facial enhancements. At present, she is the director of clinical services at Hunt Brain and Spine Center, Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, aside from treating patients at Go Flawless. Moreover, she is working on branding a unique lip product that she hopes to launch in the next few months.

Visit the company’s website to learn more about its services.

Weedsies Is Fast-Becoming a Consumer Favorite for CBD Hemp and Cannabis Products

The market for CBD, industrial hemp, and cannabis products has been growing steadily over the years in states where there are laws allowing their production and selling. As the demand for these products increase, there is also a pressing need to ensure that their distribution is according to state regulations and does not violate laws governing other states that do not allow their sale. Weedsies, an emerging marketplace exclusive for these products, is giving various companies a safe and a state regulation-compliant platform where they can sell and promote their CBD, industrial hemp, and cannabis products. 

Considered to be a groundbreaking and a one-of-a-kind development for many companies selling CBD, industrial hemp, and cannabis products, CEO Henry Calix made sure that Weedsies is able to provide a solution to the divided state-by-state regulations for businesses. The company complies with each state’s regulation by only showing users of the platform what is legal and available within their specific area. This practice also allows Weedsies to comply with federal regulations by not allowing prohibited products to cross state lines. This safety net has been extremely beneficial to many local businesses as they no longer need to worry about the risk of violating existing state regulations.

Additionally, Weedsies addressed another pressing concern where it involves purchasing CBD, industrial hemp, and cannabis products—the mode of payment. 

“Currently, Weedsies is the only online marketplace combining all CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis products and providing the user with the ability to pay online for any of the products,” Calix explained. “Weedsies facilitates more methods of payments for the users than any other online marketplace in the industry by accepting credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and online cash payment,” he added.

Consumers can choose from a wide selection of products using Weedsies from hemp oil to hemp flower, edibles, accessories, the Delta 8 dab syringe, the Sativa Delta 8 Vape variants, hemp oil chewing gums, and tasty cocoas, to mention a few. At the end of the day, Weedsies is all about providing a safe avenue for businesses to sell their CBD, industrial hemp, and Cannabis products and providing people of legal age access to allowable items in their respective states. 

“Weedsies has given users the ability to have the industry at their fingertips and feel safe about the products they’re purchasing because Weedsies protects them by vetting Vendors for State licensing as required by each state as well as each product COA. Weedsies complies with federal regulations because it does not promote across state lines nor showcases any products that are not sold within any given state, thus empowering the local businesses,” Calix explained further. 

Weedsies safeguards its platform by ensuring each user’s eligibility. Users are required to create an account and must first validate that they are at least 21 years old and a resident of the eligible state. After completing the process, users are then able to access applications or services in the site, exchange information with suppliers or vendors, purchase products, and receive notifications and messages from Weedsies. 

Learn more about Weedsies by visiting its website. Follow the company on Instagram and Facebook for updates on its latest products. 

Sydney Raynell: Chasing Her Dreams and Being True to Herself

Content creation has become more popular recently. Most people start creating content for one social media platform, but Sydney Raynell pushed herself to achieve more. She has amassed a large social media following on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Aside from these three platforms, Sydney also runs a blog she recently launched. Sydney’s passion for her work is undeniable when one sees the amount of support she receives online.

Sydney Raynell is a model, actress, and social media influencer. She is a teenaged content creator who makes fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos. She shares, “I make these types of videos because these are my main interests. I also enjoy how making these kinds of content allows my personality and individuality to shine through.”

This young social media personality was born in Maryland but spent most of her life in Indiana. She recently moved to Los Angeles, where she hopes to maximize opportunities to grow her career. “I started making YouTube videos for fun,” Sydney shares, “I made videos trying new things and doing fun challenges.” She started making content because of her passion for expressing her individuality. “I liked sharing these different things about me. And over time, I was able to connect with so many people. I made new friends and expanded my circle.” As her following grew, so did her passion and creativity.

As a young person, Sydney Raynell hopes to inspire other people her age to be themselves and follow their dreams. “I understand that having a large platform online is a huge responsibility. I aim to be a positive influence to my supporters,” Sydney says, “ I want them to stay authentic to who they are. I also wish for them to acknowledge how powerful they can be. I know that if they put their mind to it, anything is possible.”

Sydney Raynell is passionate about letting her personality shine. Because of this drive, she recently launched her blog. “2020 was a difficult year. For 2021, I wanted to do something different creatively. This blog is another way for me to express myself and my thoughts in a deeper and more meaningful way,” she says. Sydney shared that writing a blog frees her up to talk about things that may not work well in a video format. “I’m not sure where this blog will lead me, but I am excited to find out. And I hope that my supporters will also enjoy this journey with me.”

Blogging is not the only new venture for Sydney. She also launched a merchandise line. It includes items such as stickers, a water bottle, shirts, and tote bags. “This line was created with young people in mind, although anyone can enjoy my products,” she says, “I made sure that all the items were affordable but still good quality. Of course, I stamped my style on them, making sure they look fun and cute.” 

Sydney Raynell may be young, but she knows what she wants, and she is willing to work hard for her dreams. “Being an influencer and content creator makes me happy because I get to share my quirkiness and fun personality with others. I am grateful that I get to be a good role model for other teens.”

Sydney Raynell is a content creator, actress, and model. You may learn more about Sydney on her  YouTube channel or her website.

Clickable Impact Creates a Massive Positive Impact in the Digital Marketing Industry

The ecommerce industry has been seeing constant growth and innovation throughout the years. More and more businesses are leveraging digital marketing strategies to optimize their business processes and drive more revenue. However, most companies are falling short due to the vast difference in resources. Luckily, Clickable Impact is here to save the day.

Clickable Impact is an e-commerce growth agency that aims to help entrepreneurs scale their business beyond the imaginable. The company’s process rides on acquiring and retaining customers while expanding its clients’ brand and optimizing their user experience. 

The company doesn’t focus on vanity metrics, unlike most growth agencies. The company understands that growing an e-commerce business is more than just running a series of ads and attracting a few customers in a day. The team of experts over at Clickable Impact understands that sustainable growth requires the right amount of business and financial acumen.

They have a track record of generating more than $15 million in revenue with as little as $2 million spent in ads. Clickable Impact is the real deal when it comes to growing e-commerce businesses; their strategies and systems are second to none. Their Omni Channel System for growth involves three steps for businesses to follow.

The first step is acquisition, turning strangers into buyers. Clickable Impact expertly utilizes various digital advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube and creates great content for their clients to capture the attention of potential customers. The next step is retention, having customers return to buy again and again through email and SMS. This step is crucial in building a loyal customer base. The last step is expansion; the company creates new channels for their clients, such as YouTube, Pinterest, and many more. 

The Omni Channel System is flawless, and it has greatly helped Clickable Impact scale their clients’ businesses successfully. Built by a small team of committed individuals, the company aims to carry out their clients wishes and desires especially when it comes to marketing their business. The team works diligently while paying close attention to every detail of their clients’ wants and needs.

Clickable Impact runs tailor-made digital marketing campaigns for their clients to ensure that they will meet their needs and demands. The company believes in full transparency, constantly communicating with clients by providing them with updates on the success of their campaigns. The team at Clickable Impact firmly believes in fostering a good relationship with their clients; they treat their clients as more than just customers; they treat them like family.

Clickable Impact is making waves in the e-commerce industry. The company has been scaling businesses left and right, helping entrepreneurs grow their empires without moving a finger. As the company continues to create a lasting positive impact in the industry, it’s exciting to see how much their business will grow over time. One thing’s for sure: there’s nothing but success in the near future for Clickable Impact.

To know more about the Digital Growth Marketing company, make sure to visit their official website. For live updates, follow the company on its various social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Sabathil720, the Multi-Talented Artist with Big Plans to Change the Music Industry

The role of well-established industry figures in inspiring aspirants to carry on can never be emphasized enough. With the level of influence that they have, they could impact people’s perception, inspire them into action, and more. In the case of the multi-talented star Sabathil720, entrepreneurs and household names such as Jay-Z and Mark Cuban cemented his decision to start an empire in the music scene, and today, he is well on his way to take center stage. 

Sabathil720 knew that he would carve his own path to success within the entertainment industry from a young age. Hailing from Bronx, New York, and raised in New Jersey, this dreamer has always held on to the vision of changing the world with his artistry. He and his late brother, Thaahum, made waves in the Arizona music scene together, eventually venturing out on their own and performing shows throughout the Arizona hip-hop landscape. 

This passion-fueled artist has managed to stand out at the get-go and create a unique standing because of his distinctive approach to the craft. Having been immersed in the making of beats and rhythms for years now, he is highly cognizant of musicians’ need to express themselves freely. However, as more chart-topping songs manufactured to be commercial hits find their way to the top, the higher the tendency for tracks to blend in together and follow the same formula. 

Going against the grain, Sabathil720 emphasizes the importance of establishing one’s own identity and style. In line with his belief, he launched his own label, which is dedicated to providing artists with all the artistic freedom that they need to make music the way they want to and write songs that speak truly of who they are as an individual.

Over the course of his career, Sabathil720 has set his eyes on not only dominating the game but also on changing the landscape of the music scene. Armed with a clear-cut vision in mind and the will to translate that vision into reality, he does not plan on stopping until he has achieved his ultimate goal. And while hip-hop served as the key to his entrance into the industry, he is committed to showing that he is ready to leave a long-lasting impact by broadening his horizons in the entertainment world and venturing into the film arena. 

With the recent release of his newest single, “Like Me,” the hip-hop artist has piqued the interest of thousands of listeners worldwide. In the coming years, Sabathil720 looks forward to dropping more masterpieces that are guaranteed to find their way to people’s favorite playlist. 

As Sabathil720 steps closer toward the summit of the music scene, he has, in turn, been inspiring countless hopefuls. Through his story and the perseverance he demonstrates without fail, he sends across a loud message encouraging aspirants to go all-out in chasing their dreams. For this future powerhouse, regardless of the enormity of the task ahead, people should push against the barriers and barrel through anything or anyone that stands against the fruition of their goals.

Learn more about Sabathil720 by visiting his Instagram page. 

Papa Black Davinci Aims to Bring the Hip Hop Spotlight on Seattle

Every artist has a reason for entering the music industry. Some do it for money, and some for fame. But for Papa Black Davinci, his mission has always been clear: to amplify the talents and the passion from his city, Seattle.

Papa Black Davinci lived a life of challenges. His roller-coaster upbringing sometimes brought him to rock bottom, but he emerged as a stronger artist. As Papa Black shared, his goal in his journey has always been to overcome the struggle. The challenges he had to face were never enough to bring him or his music down. 

Today, Papa Black Davinci is known for being a game-changing agent, artist, and coordinator who brought some of the world’s most prominent artists into the stages of Seattle, including the icon Cardi B. He always felt like his community never got the opportunities in the music industry as it deserved. Taking matters into his own hands, Papa Black had made history when he granted his city the privilege of witnessing the talent of the late Great Nipsey Hussle and YG to Seattle, experiences remembered by everyone in the audience to this day.

Since then, Papa Black Davinci has worked with various hip-hop artists across the country, such as Jim Jones, Freekey Zekey, Kevin Gates, Lil Baby, the late Great Jacka from the Mob Figaz, and GUCE from Bully wit Fullys. As an entrepreneur and CEO of his promotion company, Papa Black has played a vital role in making events successful and allowing fans to see their admired artists up close.

Additionally, Papa Black Davinci has captivated music lovers internationally as a hip-hop artist himself. His songs carry narratives worth amplifying globally. Among his greatest hits is called Caution—a tribute to the Black Lives Matter Movement, focusing on the importance of the black community to the country. Not only does Papa black capture listeners with his voice and wordplay, but his stories also gained him the respect of many in the industry. The artist uses music as a medium for social change, and he has succeeded through Caution and other tracks. 

On top of that, Papa Black Davinci also manages his brand BOSLife Apparel, known by many deep-rooted personalities in the hip-hop industry. Asked how he balances life as a thriving entrepreneur, an artist, and a single father, Papa Black shared that life is never easy for him. Juggling his time to play three roles simultaneously has brought out a kind of strength that he never expected. Still, he remains excellent in looking after his child while also creating opportunities for up and coming artists in the industry. 

“I’ve been blessed to overcome most aspects of the struggle,” said Papa Black Davinci. He believes that success and patience should go hand in hand. As the artist expressed, it can take ten years for one to see the fruits of his labor. To echo his words, “When you keep pressing for a goal, it can come true.” With his optimistic and winning attitude, there’s no doubt that Papa Black will surely succeed in bringing Seattle into the global spotlight and dominate the global music landscape.

Learn more about Papa Black Davinci on Twitter and listen to his tracks on Spotify.

Fresprinceceo on Helping Men Materialize Their Dream Lifestyle Through the “Fresh & Fit” Podcast

Goals spur people forward. Without a vision of their desired future to guide one’s endeavors, it is easy to find oneself adrift. However, people often have to contend with the fact that having a dream is one thing but materializing that is a whole different story. Highly cognizant of the numerous challenges that may hinder an individual from achieving their objectives, Walter Weekes, better known as Freshprinceceo, is now capitalizing on his expansive knowledge and extensive experiences to maneuver people toward the life that they want. 

Like most people, Freshprinceceo set his eyes on greatness, and he was no exception to the countless dreamers who had to overcome various hurdles in the process of attaining the life they have wished for. This go-getter, who was born in Barbados, moved to the US, taking the steps necessary in translating his personal visions into reality. “I soon found myself working to survive, and through it all, I persisted by constantly learning useful skills that could help me,” shares the Miami resident. 

By persevering and clinging tightly to the dream he aims to see come to fruition, Freshprinceceo managed to create the lifestyle that most men could only dream of. Eventually, fueled by the awareness that others are on the lookout for a go-to resource that can guide them in their own journey, he established a business centered on self-improvement. With its focus on lifestyle, his venture allowed men to gain a deeper understanding of numerous topics, from business and dating to maintaining a lifestyle that could make them more highly valued by others. 

Since dipping his toes in this particular field, Freshprinceceo has succeeded in reaching and inspiring change in many lives, especially after following his friend’s advice and creating a YouTube channel. Through the popular platform, he was able to connect with more individuals, gaining over 50,000 subscribers. He then made greater waves after crossing paths with Myron Gaines. The two found that their interests aligned, and they both followed the same track in achieving success, a realization that would serve as the seed of what would become a highly impactful collaboration.

Together, Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines created Fresh & Fit, a podcast that is rising through the ranks because of its insight-rich content that focuses on personal development for men. Helping listeners learn more about business, fitness, investments, dating, and more, the purpose-driven venture has secured a coveted spot in the highly saturated podcast space. Additionally, the power duo also runs several coaching programs designed to equip people with the knowledge they need to grow in areas they believe need improvement.

Recently, Fresprinceceo and Myron Gaines took center stage with the release of a free ebook titled “Unplugging From the Matrix of Fitness and Game.” As a self-help resource, it was written to offer a set of guidelines for men who are hoping to break free from toxic dating and unhealthy fitness habits. Amidst the milestones that Fresh & Fit has been able to snag since its launch and the achievements that Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines have bagged under their belt, they have no plans of slowing down. More can be expected from these emerging powerhouses in the coming years.

Learn more about Freshprinceceo and Fresh & Fit by visiting his website and checking out his YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Jaime Manteiga of Taptok Teams Up with Zenpho’s Janse Lazo in a Revolutionary Business Innovation

As the world faces rapid technological advancements ranging from automation to artificially intelligent robots, more and more endeavors toward faster transactions while leaving little to no carbon footprints are emerging. At the forefront of this mission is the strategic collaboration between rising entrepreneurs Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo. The iconic duo seeks to revolutionize the business industry through TapTok by disrupting the archaic concept of paper business cards, leading the world to a more modern and revolutionary approach that requires only a single tap of a finger to share information. 

TapTok is a company on a mission to revolutionize the traditional way of networking by eliminating the need for paper business cards and replacing them with a modern alternative that is much easier and more convenient to use. Unlike paper business cards, which have to be printed countless times, this modern alternative requires its users to have only one TapTok card or TapTok dots for all of their information-sharing purposes.

Behind the modern innovative take on business cards is the partnership between two business visionaries: Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo. Jaime Manteiga is a Cuban-American entrepreneur recognized by Tesla, Shopify, Spotify, and other platforms as a top information security researcher. He is an active member of the International Forbes Technology Council and the Young Entrepreneurs Council. He is also a multi-benefit marathon runner and the founder of Venkon Corp, a prestigious cybersecurity firm, and the business card killer company TapTok. 

Alongside Jaime is Janse Lazo, a multi-award-winning Cuban entrepreneur who holds a computer science degree and a master’s degree in business administration. He sits as the CEO of Miami-based marketing agency Zenpho. Today, TapTok is proud to have him as a strategic partner and the company’s chief marketing officer.

The exceptional partnership of Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo resulted in not only a unique innovation in the business industry but also a revolutionary approach that serves the pandemic restrictions well. As the world continues to observe social distancing and limit physical interactions, the touchless sharing of business and contact information spearheaded by TapTok is, indeed, the way to go. 

Through TapTok, Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo proudly provide the world with cards made from premium and more eco-friendly materials. However, unlike the archaic concept of paper business cards, TapTok cards need not be handed over to the prospects as one tap of a finger completes the sharing of the contact information to any NFC-enabled device. These cards have reliable protective measures against being lost or stolen, a lifetime warranty, automatic lead generation, and unlimited taps and shares of the contact information, among other features. On top of this, the company offers TapTok dots, which can be affixed on surfaces, such as smartphones, while functioning the same way as TapTok cards. 

Without a doubt, the revolutionary approach taken by partners Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo immediately won the hearts of many in the business industry. Within only a few months since its launch, TapTok already reached six figures in revenue. For Jaime and Janse, the success of TapTok is not the end; rather, it is only the beginning of more revolutionary endeavors in the business world.

Learn more about TapTok by visiting its official website.

Cookies N’ Kicks: Expanding the Sneakerhead Community in LA

Sneakers have come a long way from being gym class staples. Today, sneakers come in different styles that feature bold colors and innovative designs. There has been a growing community of sneakerheads who collect shoes from various brands and lines. Because of the popularity of sneaker collecting, many find it challenging to purchase a pair of shoes they are interested in before they are sold out. When this happens, people turn to resellers such as Cookies N’ Kicks.

Cookies N’ Kicks is a store located in Los Angeles that specializes in buying and reselling shoes. It first opened its doors in April 2019 and has grown a significant following ever since. It has become one of the biggest sneaker stores in the industry and has branched out to creating content for their different social media platforms. Aside from providing customers with shoes they love, this company also offers its customers delicious cookies free of charge.

Cookies N’ Kicks has amassed a fast-growing social media following, with over 2 million followers on TikTok. The company also recently launched a YouTube channel where their team shares their love of sneakers. Their team of dedicated employees is passionate about shoes, and that passion translates to the content they put out online. The company shares family-friendly videos on their social media platforms that aim to spread positive messages and share a glimpse of the type of interactions people can expect when coming to their store.

The sneakerhead community is a large one, and Cookies N’ Kicks welcomes everyone to their store as if they are family. Young or old, anyone interested in shoes is welcome at the store. The company also prides itself on having a team that works well together and even considers them a family. They work hard to foster a fun and accepting space for anyone interested in collecting sneakers. 

Cookies N’ Kicks co-founder Eli Hayman says that his main objective is to positively affect whatever environment he is in. He shares, “I have always loved creating things and fostering a positive environment. Being able to do this with something as big as Cookies N’ Kicks and connecting with people I care about has brought so much good into my life. The connections I have made with so many others has been nothing but rewarding, and I’m happy to be able to do what I do.”

Cookies N’ Kicks provides highly sought out sneakers from Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, and Off-White, among others. The company also offers clothing items from Anti Social Social Club, Supreme, BAPE, Palace, VLONE, and Travis Scott. With a wide selection of shoes and clothes, sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts are sure to find something they like at Cookies N’ Kicks.

After only 20 months in operation, Cookies N’ Kicks has grown into one of the most popular sneaker stores in Los Angeles. And although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused most business establishments to shut down, the crisis has only prompted Cookies N’ Kicks to expand its horizons. Having tripled its previous years’ revenues in the past few months, the company has shown everyone that it is a force to be reckoned with. 

Because of its outstanding performance despite the crisis, Cookies N’ Kicks has garnered accolades from consumers and spectators worldwide. Its remarkable pace has also made curious minds wonder what the company’s secret is. “Customer experience is what we prioritize above all else. I think our focus on creating a community for our customers and social media growth is the reason why we’ve been so successful during a time where most businesses were failing,” said partner Luca Schnetzler.

Cookies N’ Kicks’ passionate team and positive online presence have helped the company amass loyal customers and sneaker enthusiasts. Sneakerheads of all ages and backgrounds are more than welcome to have a cookie and purchase a great pair of shoes.

For more information About Cookies N’ Kicks, you may visit their website or YouTube channel.