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ViaDerma Moving Forward with Vitastem Ultra International Sales Expansion into India, The Caribbean & Middle East in Q1 2024

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ViaDerma, Inc. has unveiled a series of exciting developments that promise to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. Through one of the company’s latest updates, they are set to greatly benefit their shareholders, customers, partners, and healthcare providers, making waves in regions as diverse as the Caribbean, Middle East, Egypt, and the world’s most populous nation, India.

ViaDerma is on the cusp of completing an essential phase in their journey—the stability testing requirements for their flagship product, Vitastem Ultra. This milestone represents the crucial green light for the distribution of this groundbreaking product across multiple countries and regions. Notably, India, the world’s most populous nation, is a significant, high volume target market.

Throughout all of 2023, the ViaDerma management team has been hard at work, collaborating with their new contract manufacturer to bolster high volume production capabilities. This expansion is geared towards accommodating the surge in demand, with orders ranging from 250,000 to 300,000 units per country in the pipeline for this year.

With stability testing for Vitastem Ultra nearing completion, ViaDerma is poised to meet the rising demand in the Caribbean, Middle East, Egypt, and India. The discussions with their sales distribution partners indicate that the initial distribution targets 300,000 units per country annually, with plans for further scaling as the product gains traction.

A crucial piece in ViaDerma’s puzzle is its recently acquired product manufacturer in the United States. This partnership is essential for helping provide sufficient supply of Vitastem Ultra, which is already a proven solution to combating the alarming prevalence of superbugs like staph and MRSA, stemming from healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) worldwide. Vitastem stands as a proven solution to this pressing healthcare issue, promising hope for patients, hospital staff, and their families.

In another significant development, ViaDerma is actively engaging in discussions and negotiations with the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) and a prominent Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). While confidentiality requirements preclude revealing the HMO’s name, the organization’s stature is evident, boasting a national presence with over 650 healthcare facilities, 90,000 physicians and nurses, and serving nearly 13 million individuals in the United States.

ViaDerma’s footprint is expanding, as it has now launched in 14 states and shows no signs of slowing down, with plans to continue expanding throughout the year and into 2024 too.

As 2023 begins to fade, ViaDerma is entering a pivotal phase, with the demand for Vitastem serving as a testament to its remarkable healing properties. According to the company, they are tirelessly working to ensure its operations, manufacturing, and product distribution can keep up with the burgeoning global demand, promising to fulfill purchase orders in the hundreds of thousands per country and region. The expectation is that this trend will only amplify as we progress into early 2024 and beyond.

ViaDerma’s management team is deeply committed to the business’s ongoing success and eagerly anticipate sharing further updates in the near future.

More About ViaDerma, Inc.

ViaDerma (OTC: VDRM) is a publicly traded specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to introducing innovative products to the market and licensing its groundbreaking transdermal drug delivery technology solutions to leading players in the pharmaceutical industry across various therapeutic areas. With a focus on the global stage, ViaDerma is set to make a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape with its lead product, Vitastem Ultra.

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