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Unveiling the Revolutionary Benefits of Thermography: Comfort, Safety, and Affordability in Detecting Inflammation

Photo Courtesy: Gregory Papageorge

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, innovation takes center stage, and the spotlight is now on the remarkable benefits of thermography. In this comprehensive exploration, we dive into the advantages of utilizing thermography for detecting inflammation, offering a compelling narrative that not only informs but motivates readers to consider this cutting-edge technology. Let’s unravel the transformative journey of New York Cryogen and how high-pressure medical cryotherapy, combined with thermography, is changing the game in pain management.

The story begins in November 2021 when Gregory Papageorge embarked on a personal quest for pain relief. Armed with a small medical device, he uncovered the inefficiencies of existing solutions but saw the potential for pain management. This led to the birth of New York Cryogen, a company that has pioneered high-pressure medical cryotherapy, a new technology with the ability to provide profound pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects almost immediately upon application.

Traditional cryotherapy faced limitations due to the lack of tissue penetration. Gregory Papageorge, the creator, cultivator, and inventor of high-pressure medical cryotherapy, introduced an innovative approach. By pressurizing cold cryo gas and applying it to the body, the results were revolutionary. This new modality, endorsed and approved by the American Medical Association (AMA) with exclusive CPT billing codes, offers a groundbreaking option for those suffering from chronic and acute pain.

At the heart of New York Cryogen’s mission is the quest to be an opioid-sparing option for those suffering from chronic and acute pain. The combination of high-pressure cryotherapy and thermography offers a powerful alternative, providing relief without the risks associated with traditional pain management methods. The article aims to enlighten readers about this groundbreaking technology that not only manages pain but also expedites post-surgery healing by up to 80%.

Thermography, a key component in the New York Cryogen approach, plays a pivotal role in detecting inflammation. The comfort, safety, and affordability of thermography make it an attractive option for individuals seeking non-invasive and efficient ways to monitor and manage pain. As part of the revolutionary high-pressure cryotherapy solution, thermography adds a new dimension to the pain management landscape.

New York Cryogen, already recognized as a leader in high-pressure cryotherapy, is making strides with the AC-130 Viper, the first of its kind in the world. Three additional devices are in development, promising to expand the capabilities of this innovative technology. With approvals from Medicare, Medicaid, and integration into seven states on the private insurance side, New York Cryogen is on track to nationalize its reach in 2023, including plans for expansion to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

As New York Cryogen continues to shape the future of pain management, Gregory Papageorge envisions a landscape where their first portable handheld device is released, enabling the acceptance of healthcare insurance for this combined treatment. The technology is now considered a medical procedure by the AMA, positioning New York Cryogen as a pioneer not only in cryotherapy but also in the broader field of medicine.

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Published by: Nelly Chavez

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