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Unlocking the Potential of the Vallée Lithium Claim Block: A Strategic Investment Opportunity

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A well-respected brand that caters to a broad target audience, including potential investors, mining industry stakeholders, EV industry players and the green energy industry, Jourdan Resources’ commitment to sustainable mining practices, adherence to environmental permitting regulations, and support for local communities make it a valuable asset for those seeking socially responsible investments.

Jourdan Resources Inc. is a prominent Canadian mining exploration company catering to potential investors and stakeholders within the mining, EV and green energy industry. With a focus on the acquisition, exploration, production and development of mining properties in lithium, Jourdan Resources is a valuable asset to those seeking to invest in sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

For potential investors, Jourdan Resources presents an opportunity to participate in the growth of the mining industry, with a particular emphasis on the booming lithium market. The company’s trading symbol, JOR on the TSX Venture, JORFF on the OTC, and 2JR1 on the Frankfurt Exchange, provides easy access to interested investors, who can take advantage of Jourdan’s well-established presence in the market.

The mining industry, particularly the green energy industry, is also a key target audience for Jourdan Resources. The company’s commitment to following all federal and provincial mining rules and regulations, and submitting all permits appropriately for the claims stated, underscores its focus on sustainable mining practices. Jourdan’s adherence to environmental permitting regulations reinforces its commitment to eco-friendliness, making it an ideal partner for those in the green energy industry.

The EV industry is another potential market that could benefit from Jourdan’s expertise. Lithium, a key component in producing electric vehicle batteries, is in high demand. Jourdan’s exploration of mining properties in lithium will significantly contribute to the EV industry’s growth.

Jourdan Resources is also proud of its Quebec base, and the company makes every effort to support the local community and workforce. The company’s dedication to sustainable mining practices, its commitment to eco-friendliness, and its support for local communities make it an attractive partner for stakeholders looking for socially responsible investments.

The southern part of Mont Vidéo and the north and east of Lac Legendre is encompassed by a property consisting of 48 cells, covering surveyed intra-municipal lots over an area of 1997 hectares. This property is owned and managed by a prominent company in the mining industry and is designated on maps as the Vallée Lithium claim block.

The Vallée Lithium claim block is geologically located on the northeast edge of the Preissac-Lacorne batholite. It is situated to the east of the edge of the late Pluto of La Corne. The intrusive rocks of the dioritic to the early granodioritic suite, which form a significant portion of the geology targeted by drilling, are the primary focus of exploration and production efforts.

The Baillargé-Est property, comprising 35 claims, is located in the township of La Corne on Map 32 C 05 (NTS) in the Abitibi region of Quebec, Canada. The property is 38 kilometers north of the town of Val d’Or and approximately 30 kilometers southwest of the village of Barraute, making it easily accessible by road.

Covering an area of 1299 hectares, the Baillargé-Est project is a significant landholding in the region. The property includes three-quarters of Lake Baillargé, which adds to its value and potential for resource exploration and extraction.

The Baillargé-Est property is managed by a reputable company in the mining industry, which is committed to responsible and sustainable mining practices. Its strategic location, extensive land coverage, and potential for resource extraction make it an attractive investment opportunity for those in the mining industry seeking to expand their operations.

The Preissac-Lacorne Property, located in the Abitibi region of Quebec, Canada, spans the municipalities of La Corne, Saint-Marc-de-Figuery, La Motte, and Landrienne, as designated on NTS maps 32C05 and 32D08. The Preissac-La Corne project is situated adjacent to paved highway 111, making it easily accessible from the town of Val-d’Or, which is located 38 kilometers to the south, as well as from Amos or the village of Barraute, which is located approximately 30 kilometers away.

The property consists of 161 mining claims covering surveyed intra-municipal lots, divided into three distinct blocks, informally named the main Preissac-La Corne block, the Duval Lithium block, and the La Motte block. With a total surface area of 7173 hectares, the property is on government and private land, covered by forests, lakes, and rivers.

As a potential major player in the lithium market, Jourdan Resources’ innovative approach and dedication to sustainability make it an essential force in the global transition to electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions. Learn more about Jourdan Resources and how the company is opening up new avenues for growth through their website at to stay up-to-date with their latest developments and innovations.

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