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The Fast Fire Watch Co. Protecting Businesses and Properties through OSHA and NFPA-compliant Methods and Fire Watch Professionals

Fire safety is one of the most important compliance standards that every property, business, and establishment must meet. While many property and business owners strive to meet these safety standards, sometimes things go wrong and fire outbreaks occur. To keep things in check, a team of retired fire service professionals came together to establish The Fast Fire Watch Co. which has grown into the highest-rated fire watch guards service in the United States.

With the single aim of making sure properties and establishments are well-protected from fire hazards, The Fast Fire Watch Co. continued to streamline its service to align with its goals. Recently, the company announced that all it’s fire watch guards are fully trained and certified by OSHA and NFPA to deliver fire watch services. This is in line with NFPA and local ordinances which require property owners to hire professional fire watch services to keep watch over the fire protection system and fire alarm system should they go out of service or suddenly become non-functional.

The Fast Fire Watch Co. thrives on the wealth of knowledge and experience shared by its founders who are retired fire service professionals. The company’s services range from temporary fire guard services to long-term fire watch guard services for clients under threats of fines or shutdowns. It takes client safety seriously and ensures they have the best fire watch patrol without breaking the bank. Behind avoiding fines and shutdowns, The Fast Fire Watch Co. is a much-needed service for safety purposes as the company works as the fire alarm and patrol system when everything else fails. From providing immediate first aid to giving a full status report to the authorities in the event of a fire outbreak, The Fast Fire Watch Co.’s designation as the highest-rated fire-watch guard service in the U.S is not an overstatement.

The Fast Fire Watch Co. has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception and has a presence in every part of the United States. It has become a staple for construction sites, dispensaries, medical facilities, office buildings, hot work sites, and events. The Fast Fire Watch Co has licensed officers in every state to ensure that the best service is delivered to its customers.

Aiding the company’s reputation are the promptness, immediate response, and availability that it is known for. There are guards and patrol officers on standby ready for dispatch at a moment’s notice. The level of preparation and the equipment the guards have on them are unmatched. Data recording is also another important aspect of The Fast Fire Watch Co.’s operation as each guard maintains a log to monitor the area they’re overseeing to ensure everything is in compliance with state and local regulations. The fire watch guards are well-versed in recognizing potential hazards and have direct access to local 911 personnel in every jurisdiction.

Having completed more than 10,000 fire watch patrols, with top-notch customer service, professional attitude, and quality service delivery, The Fast Fire Watch Co.and its fire watch guards are focused on keeping the United States and the world free of fire hazards one site at a time.

Learn more about the company on its official website.

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