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The Creative Agency Rebrand

 The Creative Agency Launches New Logo 

The past decade has seen a sharp shift in our social and cultural perceptions of ‘professional.’ With access to worldwide information in seconds, more accessible international travel, and more awareness about cultural differences, branding is no exception.

A brand is the face of your business, and it is through this face that you communicate with your customers. You can therefore understand why rebranding is such an important part of any company’s growth strategy.

While branding agencies are a dime a dozen, it’s hard to find an exceptional one that can help reimagine a brand’s identity in a way that this particular agency can. That’s why we’re talking about The Creative Agency today.

This agency won’t be satisfied until every one of its clients is happy and successful—and they’ve put their own company through that rebrand challenge recently.

The Creative Agency has worked tirelessly to make sure every detail in this rebranding process was perfect so they could create something that would reflect the success they bring to their clients every day.

The new logo’s sleek, streamlined design speaks to the capabilities of its expert team and CEO. The new logo is crisp, modern, and professional. The typeface is clean and simple but still manages to convey a sense of luxury. The color scheme is vibrant without being overwhelming. It’s easy to read and understand at a glance—the perfect way to introduce yourself or your company to potential clients.

The launch of the new logo is ushering in the agency’s new era of excellence. The Creative Agency has been in business since 2017, and this logo redesign marks the beginning of a new era for them. The brand will continue to stand out as an industry leader with its content creation excellence, technological innovation, and high-quality work.

The old logo was a loose cursive representation of the founder’s signature. “It wasn’t doing the agency any favors; it had no real structure or definition and lacked the bold energy that we’re known for,” explained Jahna Eichel, The Creative Agency’s CEO & Founder. 

So what did Jahna do? She got rid of it! And replaced it with something that digs into the agency’s core identity. The new logo is both intelligent and stylish—not unlike their founder herself!



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