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The Blueprint All Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Need to Read to Grow Their Business

Business growth is a very important objective among companies, but very few are able to achieve sustainable growth, the kind that stands the test of time. In America, 600,000 new businesses are created each year. Unfortunately, data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 70% of these businesses fail within the next ten years. It is for this reason that business owners need an effective blueprint that will guide them through the journey of growing their respective businesses. 

Award-winning growth strategist Troy Sandidge has come up with a simple and helpful blueprint on how company owners can scale their businesses sustainably in his book titled “Strategize Up: The Simplified Blueprint To Scaling Your Business.” Popularly known as the Strategy Hacker®, Sandidge is considered an authority when it comes to the go-to-market, demand gen, sales enablement, inbound, and digital marketing strategies infusing sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology, business ethnography, and behavior science. Interestingly, he also reveals the same marketing frameworks, sales tactics, business insights, and proven methodologies he uses to generate over $175 Million in revenue and launch over 35 brands for clients worldwide to achieve business success.

“This book will provide you with simple concepts on how to tap into millions of buyers with your story, which social media channels to use to activate and amplify your brand message, and how to incorporate the right mindset and level of momentum necessary to achieve business success,” Sandidge said. “You will learn how to level up your marketing using high-quality content, get (and retain) business during the toughest of times, and go from formulating strategies to building systems to developing solutions to scaling your business for sustainable growth,” he added.

Having grown up in a blue-collar family in Chicago, Sandidge understands the complex journey of African-Americans and other marginalized groups in achieving success in business. Through his book, he intends to remove the complexity of growing a business by simply leveraging the power and benefits of strategy so that any kind of business can achieve genuine growth. 

“My goal in writing this book is to make growth simple no matter the business, industry, profession, or how much experience you have in marketing and sales. I’ve compiled over a decade of experience and insights into a written blueprint that doesn’t make marketing intimidating but instead easy to understand in the hopes of showing the reader that growth is possible. ”

“Strategize Up: The Simplified Blueprint To Scaling Your Business” also reveals the three important components necessary in coming up with a strong business strategy: be simple, be sustainable, and be scalable. This is to combat the three Cs that result in business failure: complexity, confusion, and complications.

The book is highly recommended to CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, agencies, freelancers, and basically, anyone who dreams of scaling a business or brand. 

Sandidge shares more of his business insights and approaches through his weekly podcast called iDigress. The podcast is a very helpful supplement, where the author discusses many of his business strategies and simplifies them enough for anyone to understand right away. 

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