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The Benefits of VITAL Card

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VITAL Card’s sleek metal cards add more than a touch of class to wallets. Available in gold, rose gold, silver, and black, they guarantee 1.5% flat cash back on spending along with a chance to compete for up to 5% cash back in interactive rewards. 

While most rewards from credit card companies are about as exciting as sweaters for Christmas, VITAL Card offers cold hard cash for improving credit scores, making smart financial decisions, and helping to grow their thriving community. In essence, this credit card rewards people for doing the things they would want to do anyway.


VITAL Card challenges users to improve credit scores and spending habits

Scant opportunities to grow credit, high-interest rates, and surprise fees create barriers for many first-time card applicants. VITAL’s mission, however, is to set new credit card holders up for credit success. The company starts by waiving traditional fees. Next, its alternative scoring system opens doors to applicants without established credit. Users can begin with a secured card and improve their credit to level up to the unsecured premium card.  

Once members obtain cards, the game is on! Real-time notifications alert them to ways they can improve their financial habits. If they boost their credit score and demonstrate responsible credit behavior, they can increase their monthly cash-back rewards to as much as 3%. 

“At VITAL, we give our members the chance to join a thriving community where people are building healthy financial futures,” explains Bridges. “Our suite of digital tools, benefits, and rewards will help you in any stage of your credit journey.”


VITAL Card pays users to share

If cardholders enjoy the financial tips and gamification from VITAL, it pays to share. VITAL Card tracks how many new users each cardholder refers and rewards them with monthly cash deposits. As members’ referral scores go up, they are entitled to a larger portion of VITAL’s cash rewards pool. 

“VITAL rewards you when you sign up friends, when your friends sign up friends, and when those friends sign up friends,” Bridges explains. “Each month, we take 1% of the VITAL community’s total spend and give it back. The more you share, the higher your score and the larger piece of the 1% cash back pie you earn. Referral rewards are deposited straight into your account every month.”

When VITAL members invite friends, they earn cash forever — all they have to do is share the VITAL referral link as they network on social media — and the card’s referral rewards can add up to a nice chunk of passive income. For example, cardholders who refer four friends stand to earn $210 each month if those friends go on to refer four friends of their own.


VITAL Card tracks rewards with an app and powerful digital tools

VITAL’s online app enables users instant access to card details and financial tracking. Tools on the app empower users with control over their accounts and finances. At any time, they can check and pay balances, track spending and transactions, look up statements, invite friends, check rewards, share VITAL cash, and obtain credit score updates and insights.

The app also offers enhanced ID protection by allowing users to change their card numbers. A VITAL user can request a new number any time they feel identity theft is a risk. In addition, VITAL takes extra steps to protect members by monitoring social security number alerts along with other security concerns.

VITAL Card is rethinking the way credit card companies reward members. Exciting gamification motivates sharing and responsible spending, and an interactive app allows members to track scores and rewards. The VITAL community is earning significant cash-back rewards each month and learning ways to stretch those dollars even further. Who wouldn’t share that news? 

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