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The African Diaspora: A Powerful Network for Building Up Africa

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Despite its abundant resources, Africa encounters numerous challenges, including poverty, inequality, and deficient infrastructure. However, the African Diaspora, a global community of African ancestry, is becoming increasingly essential to the continent’s growth. With a membership of over 200 million individuals worldwide, the African Diaspora possesses access to vast resources, networks, and knowledge that can be utilized to create constructive transformations in Africa.

The technology industry is one sector where the African Diaspora is making significant contributions. African countries can benefit from the expertise and resources of technology professionals of African descent who offer opportunities by mentoring, investing, and linking with potential business partners. Precious Oshideko, an Information Technology Auditor, is an example of how African Diaspora professionals contribute to the technology industry by bridging the digital divide.

Precious is a modern leader who helps create a resilient breed of innovative individuals who can visualize possibilities, execute innovation, and cultivate an inspiring world. He has mastered communication between management and support personnel, conveying vital policies and educating key personnel. Precious broke into the IT industry at 40 and has since risen to VP in a Fortune 100 company. He also runs a Doctorate program in Business Administration and has committed over two decades to formal social impact endeavors across Africa, Asia, and the USA.

In his efforts to empower others, Precious launched Arete-Zale Consulting. This free global training platform equips young people to explore modern work opportunities and connects them with practical resources for harnessing their deep-seated potential. He is also a social entrepreneur whose impact venture, the Precious Oshideko Foundation, aims to empower communities in remote African areas by providing food and shelter and organizing skill workshops.

The African Diaspora has the power to create a brighter tomorrow and pave the way for a better future for Africa. Through its vast network of individuals of African descent, the African Diaspora can continue to bridge the gap between Africa, people of African heritage, and the rest of the world, thus creating economic, social, and political progress on the continent. Leaders like Precious Oshideko, who have dedicated their lives to empowering communities and promoting individual sufficiency, inspire us all. By leveraging its resources, knowledge, and networks, the African Diaspora can unlock the African continent’s potential and significantly impact the world stage. The future of Africa is bright, and the African Diaspora will undoubtedly play a critical role in shaping it.


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