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Strength Through Struggle Leads Danny B to Eat Beauty Makeup

In this day and age, make-up has continued to play a pivotal role in the confidence of many individuals worldwide, but that is not the only benefit that make-up offers. In a world where the beauty industry has raked in billions of dollars each year and with social media playing a growing role in our lives, beauty influencers and enthusiasts have used their platforms to showcase the many faces of beauty. 

Danielle Brown, better known by her monikers Danny B or Stungby DannyB, is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician who offers a range of beauty solutions and procedures, including hair care, skincare, and waxing, through Eat Beauty, her brand established in 2014. Danny has also launched numerous products, some of which are handmade like her hair oils, skin oils, facial scrubs, body scrubs. She has also partnered with beauty specialists to create her LipSting lip care line for clients to take home for their in-home luxury experience with Eat Beauty. When Scrolling through Eat Beauty’s Instagram page it’s clear to see that Danny’s passion is to help women show up as their best when they choose to Eat Beauty. 

Danny has been in business for over eight years, working on various platforms to elevate her industry position further. As much as she has accomplished, it wasn’t an easy journey. Being a single parent of two boys is as rewarding as can be but also had its ups and downs; her oldest son was diagnosed with autism and her youngest was diagnosed with ADHD. It was difficult balancing her roles of provider and parent, made even more so by the plethora of doctor appointments, taking the boys to daycare and school, and a hectic work schedule. 

When Danny lost her job, she actually breathed a sigh of relief because she finally had the chance to focus on her children’s needs. At the same time,  her eldest son’s condition worsened, and she had to drop everything to attend to his needs, including going to school with him every day.

Danny eventually dedicated her dayse to caring for her sons and moonlighting as a waitress in a bar to get by. “I felt like my life was stuck in neutral,” she recalled. During that time, Danny turned to God, and with prayer and faith, ultimately her big break came in the form of people requesting her beauty services. Despite her customers offering to pay, she would decline their generosity, but she eventually caved.

“I decided to go to cosmetology school, and that’s when the doors of opportunity opened,” Danny said as she recalled the time when she was merely a student with less than two years of experience but was hired for Black Girls Rock on BET. It wasn’t long before she worked with a slew of celebrities, including Stevie Wonder, Shelia E, and even served as a backup dancer for the late Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. 

No matter what came her way Danny persevered and moved forward to get to where she is now. She believes that through her brand, she will create an environment that fosters and promotes beauty through education, resources, engagement, and remarkable services.Check out more of Danny B’s work on her website.

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