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SophieGrace Fashion Brand is Helping Women Return to the Office with Sustainable Fashion

SophieGrace fashion brand is helping women return to the office with sustainable fashion
Photo Credit: SophieGrace

In the fast-paced corporate world, ladies often have to make the decision between comfort and style when it comes to their work attire. Balancing professionalism with comfort is a tough act and it becomes even more complex when concerns about sustainability are thrown into the mix. Meeting these needs is SophieGrace, a female founded brand built on the principles of comfort, style and enduring appeal.

SophieGrace was founded on first-hand insights into women’s needs and desires when it comes to dressing for the workplace. The women behind the brand, leaders in various industries, ranging from business to science and philanthropy, brought together their experiences of working in male-dominated professions. They saw the dissatisfaction among women concerning work outfits and the absence of a neat, comfortable, and professional outlet. Hence, SophieGrace was built upon these necessities being missed by traditional outfit brands.

This women-led community has primarily focused on bringing comfortable, quality and simply elegant clothing that stands out throughout the test of time. The belief ‘when something can be done better, do it yourself’ is what drives this community to create problem-solving fashion pieces made by women for women.

The SophieGrace community is more than just a fashion brand. It’s a collective of women who have worked tirelessly to drive public policy, create culture, solve problems, and even influence the world. The brand doesn’t merely produce clothing. Its strong collaborations align with causes they ardently support and their journal further amplifies powerful female voices.

Sustainability finds centre stage in the SophieGrace model. The current fashion industry sees women shopping far more frequently than before, guided by the fast-changing trends of seasons. This high-volume, fast fashion approach often leads to compromised quality and significant fashion waste.

SophieGrace seeks to break this fast-fashion waste cycle. “We don’t make more than what we need,” says Emma May, CEO and founder of SophieGrace. To this end, the brand handcrafts timeless garments, creating classic silhouettes and quality tailoring that will last far beyond fleeting trends.

Emma May believes in not over-producing items that are not needed and focuses on using certain fabrics as and when they are required. She proudly states that their entire production over the last 18 months has been in Canada and the US. This mindful slow fashion is not merely ethically made but plays a significant role in environmental conservation.

SophieGrace’s aim is to be the workwear equivalent of popular athleisure brand Lululemon. It strives to offer apparel that will comfortably take you through the working day from 9-5. The brand is especially popular amongst professions which are conservative in their dress codes, like lawyers and doctors looking to refresh their wardrobes with fashionable, comfortable and sustainable choices.

As Emma May puts it, “Women don’t have the same idea of suiting as men. Men don’t go through the same mental gymnastics that women go through when putting together an outfit for the workplace.” This is the gap that SophieGrace is aiming to fill.

Feel free to explore more on their website or engage with them on Instagram @sophiegraceshop, Tiktok at sophiegraceshop, and Twitter at shopsophiegrace. Or you can even reach out to them via email at with your thoughts and experiences.

In the evolving world of workwear, SophieGrace is a testament to the fact that women can look professional, be comfortable, and promote sustainability at the same time. And perhaps even more importantly, it demonstrates the powerful influence and impact that a community of determined women can have, both within and beyond the fashion industry. SophieGrace is not only fashion done right, but also a beacon of empowerment for all women out there making a difference.

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