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SHL Telemedicine Advances Towards D2C Offering in the US Following Promising Initial Trial Results

SHL Telemedicine (NASDAQ: SHLT), a trailblazer in personal telemedicine solutions, has announced significant advancements it has made towards its Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) offering in the US. This initiative displays the company’s determined march towards boosting healthcare accessibility, particularly for cardiac patients. The optimism surrounding this advancement is well-founded, with initial findings from collaborative trials with the esteemed Mayo Clinic and Imperial College London spotlighting the potential of SHL Telemedicine’s SmartHeart® technology to redefine cardiac care landscapes. 

Listed on both NASDAQ and SIX Swiss Exchange, SHL Telemedicine is committing significant investments to ramp up infrastructure and technology, paving the way for seamless D2C sales of its revolutionary SmartHeart® technology on across the US. This comes on the back of initial trial results that spotlighted the significant value of SmartHeart® 12-lead ECG technology for post-myocardial infarction (MI) patients. 

At the heart of SHL’s D2C model lies the SmartHeart membership, a beacon of hope for subscribers, offering 24/7 access to ECG review by board-certified cardiologists. Enabled by the SmartHeart® technology, this initiative facilitates at-home 12-lead ECGs—a gold standard in heart attack detection, heralding a new era of proactive personal healthcare management. Brining this to the masses in the US would be quite a breakthrough. Notably, in the US one in every five deaths is caused by heart disease.

In readiness for the D2C launch, slated for later this year, SHL has been meticulously setting up the requisite logistics, administrative platforms, and infrastructures, orchestrating a smooth pathway for order receipt, fulfillment, and billing across the US. Moreover, a user-centric web platform, currently under testing, is being fine-tuned to elevate the user experience for D2C sales and services. In anticipation of a surge in demand, SHL has stocked up on SmartHeart® units, showcasing its readiness to adeptly serve the burgeoning US market. The SmartHeart® technology, with its cloud based connectivity, empowers a network of cardiologists to provide regulated and compliant ECG reviews across the US, embodying the strategic essence of the D2C model. 

Erez Nachtomy, CEO of SHL Telemedicine, enthusiastically shared, “The strategic steps we are undertaking not only accelerate our D2C model but also underscore our resolve to provide invaluable, life-saving technology to those suffering from cardiac diseases., anytime, anywhere.”

This exciting development reflects SHL Telemedicine’s unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled value to its customers and stakeholders, while championing the transformative prowess of telemedicine. The ongoing strides, coupled with the company’s vast telemedicine expertise and the promising initial trial results with Mayo Clinic and Imperial College London, resonate deeply with SHL’s overarching mission of bridging healthcare accessibility gaps, especially in the critical domain of cardiac care.

 With the impending D2C launch, SHL Telemedicine is poising itself to redefine the contours of cardiac care through its innovative telemedicine solutions, melding cutting-edge technology with medical expertise to foster an ecosystem of proactive and accessible healthcare. This initiative not only personifies the modern-day conveniences of telehealth but also underscores a significant leap towards a new frontier in personal healthcare management. 

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