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Sheldon and Tammi Moore on Maintaining a Healthy Relationship in Love and Business

Some people believe that couples who establish a business together wind up with an endless string of misunderstandings and arguments. Often, we see this story unfold in films, particularly in movies depicting how relationships turned sour after a disagreement related to commercial dealings. Although this is a valid concern that has run on the minds of couples from time to time, this has not always been the case. As a matter of fact, some of the most innovative and impactful companies are run by partners who have mastered the balance between business and love. One such couple who is currently making significant strides across the realms of transportation and commerce is Sheldon and Tammi Moore. 

Sheldon and Tammi Moore are a dynamic duo with an inspiring story. While many romantic partners reject the idea of going into business, these two innovative minds have embraced the thought of working together, delivering success to their clients at every turn. Their path was admittedly rarely smooth, but Sheldon and Tammi revealed that they would not have reached greater heights had it not been for their exceptional teamwork.

Sheldon and Tammi Moore always had a knack for getting ahead, though they began to carve their success-enabling paths differently from each other. Sheldon always possessed an incomparable determination to become an entrepreneur since the age of 19, while Tammi had the gift of effortlessly bringing the best out of people. Their beliefs were not aligned at first, but their paths crossed 13 years later. “Sheldon was already in the transportation space when I met him. We fell in love and got married. Now, our personal aspirations, unique characteristics, and amazing relationship with one another have brewed a partnership unlike any other,” shared Tammi. 

Today, Sheldon and Tammi Moore are founders of three trucking companies: Yael Transportation, WJMR Transportation, and A Truckerpreneur, LLC. the first two companies are trucking services, while A Truckerpreneur is a training and coaching business that is aimed at teaching aspiring entrepreneurs the ropes behind the transportation industry. “We have seven employees in the coaching firm alone. I am the overseer of both the box truck and cargo van coaches. We have a person who is tasked to handle social media and a number of people who manages contracts. Having seven people is not much, but each person has a role that is vital to our operations,” shared Sheldon.

When asked about the challenges they have encountered as a dynamic duo in the world of transportation and as a married couple, Sheldon shared that communication was key in building a successful enterprise. “We absolutely disagree at times but we have our way of getting one to understand the other. My wife normally allows me to make decisions on my own but when she is adamant about her stance, I reconsider and listen to her,” explained Sheldon.

As Sheldon and Tammi Moore continue to make significant strides across the transportation industry, they aim to expand the horizons of their companies in the years to come. But, above anything else, they also wish to serve as an inspiration to couples who aim to become successful figures in their chosen trades.

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