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Ryan Niddel – CEO of MIT45, Talks about How to Stay Positive and Focused in An Impending Recession

Ryan Niddel
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Ryan Niddel is a well-known entrepreneur, board member, and CEO of MIT45. He leverages the latest business strategies to help companies improve their profits without compromising quality. By employing lean manufacturing principles and increasing operational efficiency, he has tripled revenue for more than five businesses within 2-1/2 years – totalling an additional $950M in value. His experience extends into various acquisitions or exits, where 11 firms have seen collective revenues surpassing $237M under his leadership.

At age 10, Niddel already had an entrepreneurial spark, starting a lawn mowing business in his local area. That drive earned him a mentorship at age 14 from a local businessman. Fast forward to today, and he’s achieved incredible success. He holds many titles: principal for a private equity group, CEO for two 8-figure businesses, and several board memberships. He has become renowned in Ohio as one of its top growth specialists with an impressive knack for increasing company profits and leading them toward higher valuations upon sale.

Niddel is passionate about giving back by supporting various charities, such as Big Brother Big Sister and Operation Underground Railroad. Now, he’s taking things further by launching a foundation that will teach young people how to apply business principles such as entrepreneurism and capitalism to their lives.

Niddel believes in delivering inspiration in his messages, especially on staying positive and focused – particularly important during the current economic uncertainty. Rather than buying into doom and gloom, Niddel advises focusing on creating a reality of resilience by bucking conventional wisdom: Save some money but don’t hunker down, and open your mind up to new possibilities.

In Latin, Ryan Niddel’s inspiring belief system is permanently etched into his arm: “I’ll find a way, or I’ll make one.” While the world may see an economic recession, Niddel views it as simply house cleaning. He believes there are no limits on what we can accomplish by tightening up operations and raising expectations for businesses that have previously been ‘squeaking by.’

Niddel also presents a unique perspective on approaching economic vulnerability: Don’t think about it. He finds inspiration in Ray Dalio’s work in forecasting, and looked to this for his own business. Even during the COVID crisis, with many businesses shrinking or closing altogether, Niddel could double the size of his business – demonstrating that staying positive and adapting can be successful even when facing adversity.

Niddel emphasizes the importance of not allowing oneself to listen to voices that lead to failure. While product availability and supply were important, believing in success was even more so; this approach enabled Niddel’s team members to push through despite COVID-19 disrupting many levels. Ultimately, their faith allowed them unparalleled growth, which provided inspiration to others.

Ryan Niddel emphasizes the power of optimism and focus: “Success will follow when we commit to making a positive impact. As Tony Robbins reminds us, our energies are directed by what captures our attention, so let’s ensure that it is focused on worthwhile endeavors.”

In addition to his impressive time managing finances and increasing revenue for businesses everywhere, Niddel also dedicates much of his time to mentoring other aspiring entrepreneurs and CEOs. He understands firsthand just how valuable mentorship can be when setting out on a career path, so he makes sure to pass along everything he knows about business management and financial planning to others who are just starting.

Niddel agrees that recessions can be daunting, but they don’t have to be something to fear. His advice is simple: Remain optimistic, make sure you have a plan in place for potential emergencies, don’t get too caught up in the news, and take advantage of any opportunities that arise due to the recession. Following his steps to staying positive through this uncertain time can lead to even greater strength on the other side.

There is no need to panic if you prepare yourself mentally for any eventuality. By considering Ryan Niddel’s advice – focus on what you can control internally, be creative in finding new growth opportunities, stay flexible with changing conditions, and surround yourself with supportive people – we can remain positive and focused during these trying times. It is important to remember that recessions are only temporary periods of adjustment which ultimately lead to stronger businesses in the long run, so keep your eyes open for any potential benefits.

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