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Rustam Gilfanov: The Man Calling the Shots in Today’s IT Arena

In the field of information technology and digital advancements, Rustam Gilfanov is taking the lead. Financing some of the most attractive IT projects in the financial and live-streaming arena, as well as the gaming industry, Gilfanov is truly making a statement and is cementing a legacy in the tech scene. The investor is currently a LongeVC Fund venture partner. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the IT sphere, Gilfanov aims to bring worthy IT projects into the spotlight and provide the world with the IT improvements it needs to achieve a more efficient future. 

Gilfanov was studying during the times when the Global Network was actively developing. During his undergraduate years at the Department of Law, he developed a passion for information technology, leading him to build his own IT company. Gilfanov widened his knowledge in his field by participating in various international IT projects. Although he did not end up pursuing a career in the legal industry, his extensive knowledge of law gave him self-confidence as an entrepreneur and global investor, equipping him with the skills to excel in the IT landscape, where he is now an established authority. 

With the support of several partners, Gilfanov announced opening his first small IT company in 2006, which has scaled into one of the leading software developers in the marketing, financial, and gambling sectors today, developing hundreds of game applications. The IT firm focuses on providing young talents with high-quality support and creating comfortable environments for staff development. Over the span of five years, Gilfanov has expanded his team to include over 1,000 experts. By giving opportunities to others in his field, the founder has not only built his own legacy but helped many IT professionals hone their skills and reach their dreams. The entrepreneur and his team have also established representative offices across Malta and Cyprus while simultaneously serving clients in Ukraine and Latvia. 

On top of conquering heights as an entrepreneur, Gilfanov is also a renowned philanthropist who continues to push for the education of the younger generation by developing a strong corporate social responsibility for his IT company. His most famous charity project is called LakiBuks, co-founded with I Am the Future of Ukraine Foundation, which aims to provide talented authors with long-term support and amplify non-fiction literary works to a broader audience. The project was announced at the Book Arsenal Festival in 2017 and has partnered with the children’s program at the same festival within a year. LakiBuks has also toured European and Ukrainian cities. 

Gilfanov is also a supporter of the Kyiv Children’s Library and has played an active role in transforming the place into an innovative library hub, an initiative implemented by the Maybutnyy Library Project. Today, the Kyiv Children’s Library holds a computer lab and hosts public lectures carried out by industry experts. 

The IT expert also financially supports single mothers and families to help them get back on their feet. He has recently partnered with the I Am the Future of Ukraine Foundation to sponsor its numerous social enterprises. 

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