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Roni Davis Reframes Dating With Her Color Code Dating Method

Dating and relationships go through many phases. Each experience is different, but there are patterns that most people can observe and learn from. Finding one’s perfect match can take a while, and maintaining healthy relationships requires consistent effort. Cognizant of this, psychologist, life coach, and CEO Roni Davis has created The Color Code Dating Method and The Love Cycle to help individuals improve their dating life and romantic relationships. Roni has also recently published a book titled How to Be Single, a guide for individuals that want to explore fun and exciting ways to find love. 

Roni has built a solid reputation as a dating and relationship guru. Her success is primarily due to her background in psychology, which makes her an expert in understanding human behavior related to dating and relationships. Roni is the proponent of The Color Code Dating Method (CCDM), a dating guide that uses six colors to identify the natural energies a person feels upon meeting a potential partner. 

Roni explained, “The Color Code Dating Method helps people understand what they want, their desires, as well as their expectations and desires from their partners. The goal of The CCDM is to allow everyone who wants to connect with people and find the love of their life to do it happily and organically.”

Aside from The CCDM, Roni Davis also designed another dating method called The Love Cycle (TLC). With TLC, she aims to use a unique visual aid to provide her clients with a clear way of identifying where their current relationships stand. “Relationships often prompt you to think and reflect, especially when you are thinking about your future with your partner,” Roni said. “The Love Cycle gives my client a handy guide to help them assess where they are in their current relationship.” 

The Love Cycle has five stages, and it goes through different emotional states, from being in love and in a stable relationship, to heartbreak after a breakup. “The Love Cycle also highlights the importance of self-love,” Roni explained, “Self-love and a healthy relationship with yourself is the best foundation for dating and building relationships. Self-love is necessary before anyone can truly embrace a love interest or potential partner.”

To bring her dating methods to a bigger audience, Roni Davis published all her thoughts through the self-authored book called How to Be Single: Color Code Dating and the Love Cycle. “In the book, I teach the CCDM and TLC methods, helping my readers get the most out of their dating experiences,” she shared. How to Be Single is a chock-full of real dating stories that are equal parts emotional and comedic. It also includes an interactive Dating Workbook to help readers apply the skills they have just learned.

Of course, one other happy side-effect of entering the dating pool is expanding one’s horizons and meeting other kindred spirits. Roni Davis was able to build a supportive community founded on her teachings about dating called the Pro Daters Society. This social community is for anyone who has incorporated the Color Code Dating Method into their dating life. “The Society even has its own Date-tionary, which is a list of dating terminologies we have all used to maneuver the single and dating lifestyle,” Roni shared.

Nowadays, social media plays a crucial role in dating and finding partners. And naturally, Roni Davis has used the same platform to teach others how they can develop their dating skills by sharing short, interactive videos that highlight her methods’ practical applications.

Roni Davis is all about navigating life and the dating experience with less heartbreak and pain. Her Color Code Dating Method, Love Cycle, and new book How to Be Single are her ways of helping people build better relationships. “I want people to find a sense of peace, hope, and happiness in their dating lives. And I hope those can seep into all areas of their lives,” Roni left off.

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