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Robert J. Smith: A Master Storyteller and Creator of Smith Comics

Robert J. Smith: A Master Storyteller and Creator of Smith Comics
Photo Courtesy: Robert J. Smith, MFA

By: John Schuck

Robert J. Smith, a talented author, and the mastermind behind Smith Comics, has captivated readers of all ages with his thrilling stories and vivid imagination. With his debut release, “Short Attention Span Dan in Trouble? What Trouble?”, Smith has managed to capture the hearts of elementary school students and create a buzz in the literary world. Let’s delve into the captivating world of Robert J. Smith and his exceptional creations.

Smith Comics is a production company founded by Robert J. Smith, an accomplished writer and holder of a Master of Fine Arts degree. The company aims to entertain and inspire readers through engaging and exciting storytelling. The Amazon Author page of Robert J. Smith showcases his two popular creations, “The Adventures of Insuranceman” and “Short Attention Span Dan.” These extraordinary series have garnered a significant following and have left readers eagerly awaiting the next installment.

“Short Attention Span Dan in Trouble? What Trouble?” has become a favorite among elementary school students who have had the pleasure of benefiting from Robert’s consistent volunteer visits. The story revolves around Dan, an ironworker with a short attention span, who becomes a hero when he saves the orphans of Happyville from a disastrous building collapse. This tale of bravery and resilience resonates with young readers, instilling in them a sense of courage and the belief that anyone can be a hero.

Robert’s inspiration for Issue #1 in the “Short Attention Span Dan” series stems from his family’s rich history in the ironworking profession. His father, Robert J. Smith II, his grandfather, Paul M. Meunier, and his cousin, Mark A. Mitchell, were all ironworkers. Their dedication and hard work have served as a driving force behind the creation of this remarkable series.

Currently, Smith is collaborating with animators to bring the first short in the “Short Attention Span Dan” cartoon series to life. This exciting venture will allow fans to experience the adventures of Dan in a whole new medium. In addition to the initial short, Smith has other episodes in the works, including “The Great Houdan,” where Dan becomes a magician, and “Wild Thing, You Move Me,” where Dan showcases his incredible skills as a furniture mover at Wild Thing Movers.

“Robert J. Smith Productions is thrilled with the reception that Smith Comics has received with Issue #1 of our Short Attention Span Dan series!” expresses Robert J. Smith, MFA. The success of Smith Comics can be attributed to Robert’s innate ability to create relatable characters and compelling stories that resonate with readers from all walks of life.

To stay connected with his readers and fans, Robert J. Smith maintains a strong online presence through various social media platforms and websites. His official website,, offers a comprehensive overview of his work and updates on upcoming releases. Additionally, fans can visit and to explore more about Smith Comics and Robert’s creative endeavors.

As an industry expert, Robert J. Smith has shared his insights and knowledge through his Forbes Expert Articles, which can be found at His expertise in the field of storytelling and comic book production has solidified his reputation as a visionary in the industry.

Robert J. Smith’s talent and passion for storytelling have allowed him to create a vibrant universe through Smith Comics. With his captivating characters and imaginative tales, he continues to inspire readers of all ages. As we eagerly await the next installment in the “Short Attention Span Dan” series and the exciting developments in Smith Comics, it is clear that Robert J. Smith’s contributions to the world of literature and entertainment are far from over with many of Dan’s stories to come!

Published by: Martin De Juan

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