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Reverb Distillery: Harmonizing Spirits and Sound

Reverb Distillery: Harmonizing Spirits and Sound
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In an industry that is as traditional as whiskey making, innovation might seem out of place. Yet, for Craig Bryan, an entrepreneur with an illustrious history in private equity, real estate, law and a passion for spirits, innovation is the name of the game. As CEO of the upcoming Reverb Distillery, Bryan has taken the unique route of blending spirits and sound, resulting in a range of products that echo the harmony of both.

Launching a new brand in the spirits industry can be daunting. Currently, the climate for investments in early-stage spirit companies has seen a downturn in the US. However, Bryan’s vision for Reverb came to life from personal passion rather than a pure commercial venture. “The joy of distilling and building a spirits brand is a personal endeavor,” remarks Bryan. Having raised all the capital needed before the economic downturn, Reverb is poised to bring its first bottles to the shelf, a testament to Bryan’s foresight.

Economic challenges have indeed cast a shadow over new brand launches like Reverb. The prevailing increase in interest rates influences not just the number of bottles Reverb can produce, but also the capital reserved for marketing, a crucial element for any successful brand launch. Yet, Bryan’s previous experience in real estate has equipped him to navigate these challenges. “Whether it’s a real estate development or a distillery, the joy lies in creating something enduring,” he explains.  Stressing the importance of surrounding oneself with the right team, fulfilling the need, rigorous due diligence, and follow through remains unchanged across industries.

Reverb Distillery stands out for its unique aging process. By using speakers to create sound waves in the barrel aging house, these waves reflect off the barrels, lightly vibrating and agitating them. This unique method accelerates the aging steps, creating a distinctive flavor profile. “We create a harmony where rye and bourbon whiskey come together to form Reverb American Whiskey & Bourbon,” Bryan elaborates. This process, where music acts as a natural agitator, gave rise to the name ‘ReVerb,’ with the capitalized ‘V’ representing the ‘Violet Crown’ – Austin’s nickname.

Reverb Distillery’s product line is diverse, ranging from American Whiskey and Bourbon to Gin and Rum. Proudly aged in Texas, each bottle echoes the commitment and passion of its founder. Bryan’s favorite, the ReVerb Bourbon Whiskey, holds a special place in his heart and is a reflection of his journey.

Beyond the spirits, it’s the story and the people behind Reverb that make it truly unique. Craig Bryan, besides being a seasoned lawyer and entrepreneur, is also a proud veteran Captain of the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry. With Reverb, he brings a piece of his heart to the community of Austin, Texas. A harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, Reverb Distillery is set to resonate with spirit enthusiasts worldwide.

For those keen to immerse in the Reverb experience, more information can be found on their website and Instagram page at and, respectively.

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