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Replace Your University Delivering Alternative Education on Finances and Important Life Areas

Learning in life never ends, and in the complex world that exists today, there is always something new to learn from experts or people who have lived through specific experiences. Replace Your University is a learning platform that teaches advanced financial strategies and other important life-survival hacks. Founded by Michael Lush, Replace Your University began as a platform to teach about mortgages and HELOCs, but it has now evolved to cover a wider range of subjects and lessons to teach the average person vital things they need to stay afloat in the ever-evolving complex world.


Replace Your University offers non-traditional education to people of all ages, from homeschoolers to adults. It demystifies a lot of concepts and explores a wide range of subjects on finances, trading, banking, mindset conditioning etc. The platform thrives on the homeschooling concept as it targets people who already believe in homeschooling and are big proponents of learning remotely. It targets parents, homeschoolers, school teachers and education experts.


While Replace Your University still offers its core business of teaching replacement mortgages and everything about loans, providing the infrastructure to make homeschooling a preferred option for many people is its primary aim, and it executes that effectively. “At the moment, more people are turning to homeschooling, and it’s because of the post-COVID rules that schools were putting in place. Parents just weren’t comfortable with those rules, and Replace Your University is stepping in to help parents keep their children engaged, pour into them and teach them appropriate values and principles to prepare them for a complex life ahead,” Michael Lush said. “People are also turning away from traditional education. So, there’s a large audience demanding for this type of education, and we’re working round the clock to deliver it to them.”


Replace Your University gets its drive from Michael Lush’s experience and expertise as a seasoned expert in the mortgage industry. He started his journey as a loan officer to become a director of operations within his previous company until its unfortunate closure. He was called back a few months later to head the company’s operations, and he took the time to learn different strategies to approach real estate financing. He launched his business and course in 2014 and has been all about educating consumers ever since.


Michael Lush’s vision is to create a new generation of a financially-literate world by delivering well-created lesson outlines that address the most crucial subjects anyone needs to thrive in today’s world. “We cannot do without these things. We need the knowledge to function fully as a world, and at Replace Your University, we are committed to passing this knowledge along to as many people as possible, from the youngest age possible,” Michael said.

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