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Redefining the Vineyard: Monae’s Wines Journey to Empowerment

Redefining the Vineyard: Monae's Wines Journey to Empowerment
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Dr. Monique Simone Barr stands as a beacon of change in the traditionally male-dominated and European-centric wine industry. As the founder of Monae’s Wine, she has defied norms, shattering the proverbial glass ceiling to create a brand that personifies her passion and ambition.

At its core, Monae’s Wine is rooted in three key principles – authenticity, accessibility, and artisanal craft. It embodies the mission to create superior wine that upholds these values, living by the motto: “Wine made with passion: to Inspire, Cultivate, & Relax One’s Spirit!!”

The seed for Monae’s Wine was sown during Dr. Barr’s time at Cornell’s Wine Essentials classes. From there, she cultivated her skills and understanding of wine, blossoming into one of the nation’s few certified Black female winemakers with the launch of “Monae’s Wines”.

But Dr. Barr’s aspirations extend beyond just crafting fine wines. She seeks to be a trailblazer for the under-represented, especially Black females, in the wine industry. Her relentless determination and strength aim to bridge the diversity gap, making wine a more inclusive and representative sphere.

“To start a business as a Black woman takes gumption,” Dr. Barr conveys. Yet, she has risen to the challenge, propelled by her supportive husband and an unwavering community that has walked every step of the journey with her.

Being one of the few Black female wine collection owners, Dr. Barr stands at the vanguard, paving the way for future minority female entrepreneurs. Her ambition is to ignite a flame of inspiration for the next generation while cultivating generational wealth and community prosperity.

Dr. Barr is much more than an entrepreneur – she’s a change agent, a role model, and a symbol of defiance against the status quo. Each bottle of Monae’s Wine encapsulates not just a delightful wine experience but the spirit of empowerment and inclusivity.

Discover the captivating journey and unique flavors of Monae’s Wine by visiting their website,, or connecting with them on Instagram at monaes_wine and Facebook at Nikki Murdock. With its commitment to diversity and quality, Monae’s Wine is set to transform the landscape of the winemaking industry.

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