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PRNEWS.IO Recognized Among Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Martech

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PRNEWS.IO, Europe’s leading platform for sponsored content, has been awarded for innovation and named one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in Marketing Technology at the prestigious TMW 100 Awards for 2023.

The list of companies was reviewed by a panel of martech authorities from across the globe, including Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, LATAM, and MENA. After the panel’s selection, public voting took place in September, further influencing the final rankings of all contenders.

The announcement was made during the TMW 100 Awards ceremony in California on November 7, at the three-day conference MOps-Apalooza. Hosted by The Martech Weekly, the TMW 100 Awards highlight innovation within the global martech landscape. PRNEWS.IO was ranked 31st among a dynamic array of 100 participating companies, securing its position among the top 50 most innovative companies in martech.

“We are thrilled by the enthusiastic turnout in our inaugural year,” said Juan Mendoza, CEO and founder of Martech Weekly and TMW 100. “We knew that the industry was in desperate need of a new kind of awards program. One that would take an industry-neutral approach to evaluating which companies are driving the future of martech through innovation and execution. This year’s TMW 100 is a truly impressive list of innovators and we’re excited to see how this year’s contenders will continue to disrupt the global Martech industry.”

Nominations from organizations around the globe were considered across three innovation areas: Product, Customer and Business. The assessment focused on excellence in these specific areas:

  • Compelling Story and Impact Benefits 
  • Novelty and Uniqueness 
  • Scalability and market potential
  • Ethics approach
  • Industry collaboration
  • End user outcomes

This recognition demonstrates PRNEWS.IO’s commitment to excellence in marketing technology, as Alexander Storozhuk, Founder of PRNEWS.IO, said, “Innovation isn’t just about new technology, it’s about delivering solutions that make a real impact on businesses and users alike.”

PRNEWS.IO’s recognition as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in Marketing Technology at the TMW 100 Awards underscores its impactful contributions to the martech landscape. Evaluated by a panel of global martech experts and further validated through public voting, PRNEWS.IO secured the 31st spot among 100 companies, solidifying its position among the top 50 innovators.

PRNEWS.IO will also be featured in Martech Weekly’s Martech Innovation Index Report, set to be released on December 10.

For details about the TMW 100, and to view each nominee’s case study, please visit 


PRNEWS.IO facilitates the seamless sharing of news and stories between companies and media outlets worldwide. Through its on-demand content marketing platform, businesses can directly purchase spots for their native format articles on over 100,000 news websites across 198 countries, with no hiring process or long-term commitments.

Founded by Ukrainians in Estonia in 2018, PRNEWS.IO operates on a service-as-a-product (SaaP) model, utilizing big data to enable predictable brand communications through media stories. The company is also a service provider of the Estonian government-issued digital identity and status program called e-Residency.

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