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Paul Vassallo Helping Pro Footballers Manage and Build Their Wealth for Long-term Sustainability

Money is fickle, and so is financial success if not properly managed. While the NFL has been the perfect opportunity for many players to go from obscurity to stupendous wealth, many players have equally been unable to manage that wealth properly, leaving them struggling or flat-out broke after their careers as footballers. Former D1 football captain and NFL linebacker Paul Vassallo has thrown his hat in the ring through his company Net More Wealth to put an end to the financial downturn that many former footballers experience after retirement.

Inspired by his experience witnessing many footballers going broke within five years of retirement, Paul Vassallo is on course to make a massive difference in many people’s lives. He developed an interest in the financial world right after his time in the NFL, and with the knowledge he gained, he has delved into a new field of educating the pros on how to accumulate, manage and protect their wealth and he now shares that knowledge freely via TikTok @NetMoreWealth.

Paul Vassallo discovered that following a few simple financial principles could set up any player for life, something many pro players have no idea about. Thus, through Net More Wealth, these players can learn principles about money so they can take active steps to accumulate, protect and set up long-term tax-free wealth that survives any market condition or economy. But these principles are not just for professional athletes. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives can leverage them too. With the concepts that Paul Vassallo teaches, those who are willing to learn and take action, will not only better lives in their retirement years, but even get to enjoy more financial freedom now.

Net More Wealth has a unique approach to financial education which starts with helping the client believe they can be financially free while living the life of their dreams. “When we can help people reframe how they see money, it allows for new space to come in for new ideas. These new ideas will help shape their lives for many years to come,” Paul said. Paul has also designed the financial solutions that Net More Wealth offers to be customized to each client’s financial situation and strength.

Paul Vassallo’s motivation to build Net More Wealth comes from seeing the importance of people knowing their options with their finances no matter the situation. “The knowledge that we have needs to be in front of every person to help them understand what options they have available to them,” he said. Over the next few years, his goals for the company are to expand to over fifty financial educators working with the company and grow the clientele to over a thousand clients.

For Paul Vassallo, financial security and control do not have to be alien concepts or difficult for anyone to achieve. He believes the first step is to know that they can take control of their finances with the right knowledge and help. “Even if it doesn’t feel like they are in control, we help our clients see the different ways to be in charge and take responsibility for where they are. That way, they don’t have to spend any time or energy blaming others or circumstances. They just get to work on finding solutions that they need for them to thrive on the highest level,” Paul shared.
To learn more from Paul, follow him on TikTok @NetMoreWealth

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