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PaddleSmash, the Family Favorite Backyard Game by Power Duo Scott Brown and Tim Swindle

Given the saturation of today’s business world, how exactly can entrepreneurs stand out and make their mark? Widely accomplished go-getters Scott Brown and Tim Swindle have the answer – innovate and reinvent. Boasting years of experience under their belt and an in-depth understanding of the A to Zs of the entrepreneurial realm, the power duo behind the rise of the backyard game PaddleSmash is highly cognizant that to provide a product or service merely is to fall short of the goal to stay afloat amid the competition. So, they joined forces to put a twist to the classic pickleball and bring fun closer to families.

Serial entrepreneurs with impressive portfolios attached to their names, Scott Brown and Tim Swindle are both budding power players in the toys and games space. Considering the buzz surrounding PaddleSmash right now, it would not be a surprise if they manage to occupy a coveted position at the top one day. 

An outdoor game that combines the best elements of pickleball and spikeball, PaddleSmash is the perfect game for families and groups. This easy-to-carry new crowd favorite is played two versus two, with teammates starting on opposite sides of the court. Featuring a portable hexagonal court that comes along with a net, six poles, four paddles, and two balls, it is the brainchild of structural engineer Joe Bingham. 

For a long time now, Joe Bingham has been thinking of new ways to keep his seven children entertained. While his family loved pickleball, he knew that playing it would only prove feasible sometimes, especially when the nearest pickleball court was not only crowded but was also twenty minutes away. His desire for a game that can keep his family fully entertained led to the creation of PaddleSmash.

Soon enough, Joe Bingham would cross paths with Scott Brown and Tim Swindle, both of whom tried their hand at the game in Bingham’s own backyard. PaddleSmash ended up precisely what they were looking for, and their decision to license the original idea from the inventor was a no-brainer. 

“We took it down to the local pickleball courts and set it up to see how people would react,” recalled Scott Brown and Tim Swindle. “Immediately, people stopped mid-game, coming up to the fence and asking if they could come to play. Countless kept telling us they had been looking for a game they could play together, and they loved it.”

A game that has now found a home in thousands of families, PaddleSmash is currently awaiting its patent. Since its launch less than a year ago, it has taken off, satisfying those in need of a backyard game in a post-pandemic era that is still wary of crowds and packed places. 

With the holiday season in full swing, more individuals and families will be on the lookout for an approachable and portable game. PaddleSmash promises to be all that and more. In the months to come, this entertaining must-have is expected to gain traction and capture the attention of many.

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