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Ozhan Akcakaya on Boxing Gear for Safety and Performance

Ozhan Akcakaya on Boxing Gear for Safety and Performance (3)
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

In the fiercely competitive world of sports equipment, one name stands out for its relentless pursuit of innovation and safety in boxing gear: Ozhan Akcakaya. As the founder and CEO of Hit N Move, Ozhan has revolutionized the design and functionality of boxing equipment, setting new standards for protection and performance. This independent report delves into the cutting-edge innovations brought forth by Ozhan and his team, highlighting their groundbreaking approach to headgear and glove padding.

Precision Headgear: Combining Safety with Mobility

One of the most notable advancements from Hit N Move is the Precision Model headgear. Traditional headgear often sacrifices mobility for protection, encumbering athletes with bulky padding. Ozhan and his team aimed to change this paradigm by strategically placing padding in critical areas such as the chin, temple, cheeks, and back of the head. This innovative design eliminates the need for excessive bulk, providing superior protection without compromising the athlete’s ability to move fluidly.

Collaboration with Virginia Tech was a pivotal step in validating the safety and effectiveness of the Precision Headgear. Rigorous testing demonstrated that the headgear’s safety was comparable to traditional models, offering a significantly more compact design and better visibility. The impressive results show that the Precision Headgear not only matches but often surpasses the protection provided by famous models from Japan, the USA, and Mexico. Due to its proprietary technology and design, this headgear allows fighters to roll with punches and slip much more accessible.

Ozhan proudly states, “Our Precision Model headgear combines a lightweight form with a sleek, slim structure, enabling fighters to move with agility and freedom in the ring. We understand the importance of fluid movement in boxing and are proud to deliver a product that enhances the athlete’s ability to perform at their best.”

Ozhan Akcakaya on Boxing Gear for Safety and Performance

Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

DR-T Glove Padding: A Revolutionary Approach

Another groundbreaking innovation from Hit N Move is the Dart (DR-T) Padding, which was invented in 2020. This padding is meticulously designed using ergonomic principles to offer athletes enhanced acceleration and protection. The story behind DR-T Padding is a testament to Ozhan’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sports equipment design.

The idea for DR-T Padding emerged from a close working relationship with orthopedic surgeons and an understanding of punching mechanics. Recognizing the similarities between the motion of throwing a ball and a punch, Ozhan set out to develop padding that would mimic the flight dynamics of a dart. By studying the weight distribution within the human arm, particularly from the wrist to the fist, Ozhan and his team designed padding that optimizes balance and performance.

Extensive testing, including slow-motion camera analysis, confirmed that the padding achieved an ideal aerodynamic and ergonomic weight distribution. This innovative approach ensures that the padding protects the user and enhances their performance by aligning with the natural mechanics of a punch.

Ozhan explains, “We have successfully combined protection, performance, and comfort in a remarkably compact puncher’s glove. Our DR-T padding comprises micro-layers that craft a compact, comfortable, protective, and long-lasting glove.”

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Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

The Visionary Behind the Innovation

Ozhan Akcakaya and his wife, Alaina Akcakaya, who serves as the VP of Public Relations, have spearheaded the efforts to bring these innovative products to the market. Their combined expertise and dedication have positioned Hit N Move as a leader in the boxing gear industry.

Under Ozhan’s leadership, Hit N Move has continuously analyzed and innovated how boxing glove padding interacts with the wrist and knuckles. Their proprietary padding technology absorbs impact and increases punch momentum due to its aerodynamic design. This comprehensive approach has created training gloves, exemplifying the brand’s dedication to quality and performance.

Ozhan Akcakaya on Boxing Gear for Safety and Performance (4)

Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Setting New Standards

The commitment to innovation and safety at Hit N Move is unwavering. By collaborating with leading research institutions and leveraging expertise from various fields, Ozhan Akcakaya has redefined what is possible in boxing gear. The Precision Headgear and DR-T Glove Padding are just two examples of how Hit N Move is setting new standards in the industry.

Through his unique combination of martial arts expertise, medical knowledge, and understanding of aerodynamics, Ozhan has developed products that protect athletes and enhance their performance. His dedication to creating high quality boxing gear ensures that fighters can train and compete confidently, knowing they have excellent protection.

In conclusion, Ozhan Akcakaya’s obsession with innovating boxing gear padding has resulted in groundbreaking advancements that benefit athletes at all levels. His visionary approach and commitment to excellence continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in boxing, ensuring that Hit N Move remains at the forefront of sports equipment innovation.



Published by: Khy Talara

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