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Olamidotun Oluwagbohun Emphasizing the Importance of Digital and Agile Transformation through Sovereign Light Technologies

The best individuals and organizations need help to be efficient at discharging their services and knowing where to seek that help is key. Olamidotun Oluwagbohun and the team at Sovereign Light Technologies have positioned themselves as the much-needed help for individuals and organizations to actualize their career visions and corporate goals and join the league of professionals in the journey toward Digital and Agile Transformation.

Dotun, as Olamidotun Oluwagbohun likes to be called, leverages his two decades of experience working across multiple industries in different capacities. He has held positions like IT consultant, project manager, scrum master, program manager, Agile coach and SAFE 5 Program Consultant (SPC). As the team lead at Sovereign Light Technologies, Dotun has trained and coached thousands of individuals over the years and consulted for many organizations to help mold their dreams into reality. He is a member in good standing with Project Management Institute, Scrum Alliance and Scaled Agile. He is also an alumnus of Kanban University.

Olamidotun’s competence has Sovereign Light Technologies thrive as a company, and he has built a solid team with over 60 years of combined experience. The team is passionate about creating meaningful changes for clients and ensuring that clients’ goals are met effectively within the shortest possible time. “Our service offerings include Training, Coaching, Consulting, and Solution Provisioning. We position ourselves as the leading Agile Transformation group with creative and empathetic edge, staying committed to ensure those who we serve arrive at their full expression of their dreams, aspirations, and visions. With groundbreaking ideas and effective Business Agility Tools, we seek to improve every life and business we have the opportunity to work with. We provide insightful & practical solutions to individuals and companies and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated and result-driven service,” Dotun explained.

At its core, Sovereign Light Technologies is all about helping businesses generate ten times their revenue and re-engineer processes to increase the speed at which they get new products and services to market. These commitments aim to secure early ROI and nurture an enabling culture that boosts team morale at all levels.

As an innovation-driven company with a track record of remarkable results, consistent performance, transparency and focus, Sovereign Light Technologies has grown and expanded its suite of services to include resume and interview preparations and the 18 Agile and Team Collaborative Working Tools Mastermind Program designed to train, coach and provide a simulated corporate world Agile experience for aspiring or practicing scrum masters, product owners, Agile coaches, and Agile enthusiasts or practitioners.

The goals that Dotun has set for Sovereign Light Technologies include building knowledge, competency, experience working on teams, confidence to face interviews or perform excellently on the job and gaining unrestricted access to 18 Agile and Team Collaborative Tools. Dotun also draws motivation from being a part of notable success stories of individuals and corporate clients. “The competency and empathetic edge we demonstrate in staying committed to our clients till the fruition of dreams, aspirations and visions is second to none,” Dotun said.

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