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How “King of Digital Real Estate” Nick Wood Became A Rank & Rent Millionaire

Digital real estate is the business of owning online assets (think physical real estate but in the world wide web) and perhaps no one has seen the potential to succeed in it more than Nick Wood, the “King of Digital Real Estate”. The founder and CEO of Digital Landlords, an online course community that teaches students to make passive income by creating, owning, and selling websites. Best known for his remarkable success story in the digital real estate arena, Nick is teaching his students to go for their dreams without fear and build their own online empires. 

Nick fondly describes himself as a money-hungry dreamer. His success story is one that inspires people to pursue their dreams relentlessly after he transformed his digital real estate empire into a multi-seven-figure business in less than a year. Through the Digital Landlords online course, he is showing others how to do it by using his methods and tried-and-true strategies. Better yet, the course does not require students to have sales experience or technical experience to be able to make their financial goals a reality. The course has become a hit in the online community as it is a viable business model to earn passive income and it can be done from any part of the world so long as a student has a strong Wi-Fi connection “and a whole lot of hustle,” as Nick Wood says. 

The Digital Landlords course is perfect for anyone interested in making a lot of money online. Rank and rent digital real estate, lead generation, and online sales can be difficult industries to navigate and Nick Wood manages it perfectly. He shares his tested and proven sales strategies, the same ones that propelled him to millions of dollars in income. Seeing that his course is the best preparation for their online journey, hundreds of students have registered for Nick’s course and are starting to make major improvements in their lives by creating passive income. They are now building their own success stories, all thanks to Nick’s generous insights. 

“Owning digital real estate and assets is an incredible opportunity to make passive income. It’s the best business model online,” Nick said. Many of his 400+ “Landlords” from across the globe are making from $10,000 to $45,000 a month as a part of the Digital Landlords community using Nick’s teachings.

However, Wood’s success story did not start out as smoothly as some people would readily assume. Just like many successful entrepreneurs today, he, too, encountered a lot of setbacks. He was neck-deep in debt after failing in several tech ventures. Determined to bounce back, Nick learned how to make money through digital real estate and lead generation and thus went from $60,000 in debt to a multimillionaire in less than a year.

Nick says he still uses the same hard work ethic he developed growing up working long hours on his family’s farm. He also mentions a two-year humanitarian effort in the jungles of West Africa when he was 19 years old, where was eventually featured on BBC News after learning the local dialect and starting a popular Instagram account designed to highlight important stories and people there. After that Nick would move back to the United States and begin his career in business as a door to door salesman. The rest is history. While the winding road of entrepreneurship certainly has its ups and downs, Nick Wood’s resilience and hard work is a testament that failure is just a part of the journey.

With Nick Wood leading the helm at Digital Landlords, it seems the fiery entrepreneur is more motivated than ever to spawn the next generation of passive income millionaires and digital nomads.

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