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National Adhesive Sets Itself Apart with Innovative Products and Customer-Oriented Approach

There is no shortage of opportunities in the market ready to meet all client needs. One—or twenty!—companies will offer something, so it takes more than a well-crafted business plan for any newcomer to stand out from this crowd and become successful. There are those businesses, though, that manage to rise through the ranks and secure a coveted spot at the summit by going all out in serving its customers. Such is the case for National Adhesive.

National Adhesive has been on the market for over 25 years in South Africa, offering products to suit any need. Now they’ve extended their services to North America and are poised to be an industry leader in the space. With their extensive selection of adhesives and sealing solutions in various formats, National Adhesive is sure to have something that will meet their clients’ requirements—big or small!

National Adhesive has had success with their GlueDevil line of products, which was rebranded to GlueAngel for the North American market. GlueDevil is the leading producer and provider for caulks, sealants, and adhesives. It gained a lot more popularity at the 2019 AAPEX Trade Show, where they won an award.

National Adhesive is a company that deals with adhesives of all sorts, and they also cater to industry-specific needs for contractors. The company’s Thicc brand was created as part of this trend towards specialized products by making them more suitable for larger projects rather than smaller jobs like gluing pieces together or sticking things down with glue guns.

National Adhesive, a proud member of the Great Stuff family, has also launched Eish. This economy brand packs high-caliber products with reduced sizes for an affordable price point that is still made from quality ingredients like all other National Adhesive brands.

In addition to providing great stuff at affordable ranges, National Adhesive was awarded DuPont’s first ever “Great Stuff” license, allowing them access into different market segments.

With National Adhesive, you can find out everything about the products without ever having to worry. They have an easy-to-use interface that allows users instant access and information on their website.The user-friendly platform also makes the purchasing process much simpler, streamlining the entire shopping experience. The site also includes helpful forums where builders can share advice on different aspects about building projects such as materials that are best suited for certain types of homes.

With its customer-oriented approach and its user-friendly services, National Adhesive is a company that has revolutionized the American adhesive industry. They have taken care to serve their customers at every level, providing high-quality products for all needs from beginners looking into getting started in this field as well as seasoned professionals who need something more advanced than what other companies offer them.Learn more about National Adhesive and its products through the company’s official website.

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