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Monytize Changes the Social Media Game as the World’s First Philanthropic Social Platform

Social media has changed the world, but besides the liberty of connecting with anyone on the planet, users always get less than what they deserve at their end of the bargain. Monytize is changing the way people utilize the digital space by transforming social media users into social media monetizers. Monytize is officially the world’s first philanthropic social media platform. 

Monytize officially began its global BETA launch on September 1, 2022. Since then, the platform has given influencers, celebrities, churches, universities, charities, schools, brands, and professional athletes the game-changing opportunity to gain more from their time on social media. Monytize allows users to socialize, network, and share content online, including photos, videos, music, movies, and video games. Once they put their ideas out into the platform, Monytize rewards them monetarily every time other users purchase their content. 

Old social media systems and platforms have been generating money, but the problem was the profit all went back to the developers. Over the last few years, entertainment streamers have spent over $400 billion on music, movies, and video games. With Monytize, this can all be translated as passive income for users. Furthermore, the platform will be donating 20% of its earnings to reputable institutions and non-profit organizations worldwide, sharing its revenue with its users and people who truly deserve help. With its holistic approach to social media, Monytize is championing the entertainment scene to fuel causes that change millions of lives significantly.

Among its first milestones, Monytize has partnered with Social Wireless, a South African company that offers free internet services in Johannesburg. Together, Monytize and Social wireless are offering social media connectivity, movies, music, and games that generate passive income for South Africans. 

In addition, Monytize is giving users the opportunity to play an active part in contributing back to society while earning passive income for themselves. The platform is also expanding its content to add more variety for users without requiring its community to pay monthly subscription fees like other entertainment apps and sites. Monytize is currently in the market for distribution deals for original movies, music, video games, and eBooks. 

The development of Monytize’s philanthropic model for social media was spearheaded by Terrell Samuels and came to life after 14 years of conceptualization and planning. The founder built the platform to be his lasting legacy. Terrell has long made his mark across various industries, including the entertainment industry, movie production, marketing, and even medicine. He is the brains behind Millionaire Awaken Your Secret, a documentary based on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, for which he received accolades from the Napoleon Hill foundation. He also built The Marketing Doctor (The MD), merging his expertise in the entertainment and medical industries. 

Terrell shared that he built Monytize as a beacon of his experiences. “It’s so that every person has an opportunity to be the change they want to be in their communities as well as the world,” the founder said. 

Monytize just secured a lead investor in their Series A round of funding. Alex and John Ruiz of Ruiz Investment Family Office out of Miami, FL has committed to leading Monytize’s Series A round of funding as they are catching global momentum.

Monytize will be seeking to raise an undisclosed amount to help them keep up with the global growth of over 100k+ new members joining the platform each week since the soft beta launch started this September. Monytize also just added another feature called  “Moments”  which is similar to Instagram live or Facebook live

Monytize also partnered with proto hologram, which P.Diddy is an investor in. was featured on America’s Got Talent earlier this month. Kenan Thompson and Terrell Samuels will be on stage inside the Protohologram in over 70 cities on a comedy tour starting September 23rd in Atlanta, Boston and Chicago. 

Indeed, Monytize is changing the world by integrating philanthropy into the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry. Monytize is now available for download from the Apple App store and Google Play. 

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