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Michael Mikhail: A Tale of Resilience and Success via Stratton Equities

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Once in a while, a leader emerges who stands as more than a symbol of success, but also as a testament to resilience, transformation, and the power of persistence. Michael Mikhail, the CEO and founder of Stratton Equities, is such a leader. His astonishing journey from homelessness to managing a flourishing enterprise serves as an inspiration to all those in the face of adversity. Moreover, Mikhail’s journey provides a practical guide for transforming dreams into realities, a path marked by determination, strategic acumen, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.

A Story of Triumph

Mikhail’s path to success is nothing less than remarkable. Being penniless and no credit, he borrowed $1,000 from his mother in early 2018, marking his maiden voyage into entrepreneurship. This period was characterized by incessant labor and sacrifice. Nevertheless, within just five months, he had successfully brought Stratton Equities to life. His hard work paid off when just half a year post-launch, the company amassed an astounding $1.3 million.

Having weathered such challenges, Mikhail has developed a profound empathy for those in similar circumstances. This understanding empowers him to connect deeply with individuals, inspiring them to overcome hurdles and achieve their aspirations.

Converting Experience into Wisdom

Michael Mikhail’s journey has forged him into a mentor with unique perspectives. His outstanding business acumen, strategic foresight, and talent for seizing opportunities are the traits that catapulted him to success. Presently, he utilizes these qualities to guide budding entrepreneurs and individuals, aiding them in navigating their journeys and tackling the obstacles they encounter.

Mikhail excels in preparing entrepreneurs for the path to success, which he refers to as “the road before the road.” His journey stands as a testament to the power of persistence, sacrifice, dedication, and a robust entrepreneurial mindset. These qualities, coupled with Mikhail’s mentorship, can be pivotal for those eager to actualize their dreams.

Celebrating Stratton Equities’ Accomplishments

Stratton Equities’ revolutionary approach to business and Mikhail’s leadership have won them various accolades. Forbes Magazine included Mikhail in the 2021 class of “The Next 1000,” which honors those reshaping the business landscape. NJBIZ, New Jersey’s premier business journal, recognized Stratton Equities as one of the Top 250 Privately Held Companies for 2021. Mikhail was also honored as one of NJBIZ’s 2022 Leaders in Finance and nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Guiding Light for Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Professionals

Stratton Equities has carved a niche for itself as the country’s leading private money and NON-QM mortgage lender. Providing the broadest assortment of mortgage programs nationwide, Stratton Equities collaborates with entrepreneurs, real estate and mortgage professionals, and mortgage brokers. 

A standout aspect of Mikhail’s ethos is his capacity to turn perceived drawbacks into strengths. In an interview, Mikhail discloses how he harnessed his dyslexia, which others might perceive as a limitation, into a unique approach, which became the bedrock of Stratton Equities.

Mikhail’s dyslexia makes reading paragraphs challenging, but bullet points and phone conversations are more suitable for him. Incorporating this communication style into Stratton Equities has led to better comprehension of deals, stronger relationships, and a higher conversion rate in closing loans. The emphasis on phone communication over email has enhanced the company’s efficiency and become integral to Stratton Equities’ training for new hires.

Distinct Approaches Set Stratton Equities Apart

What differentiates Stratton Equities? Its unique emphasis on employee development. Through investment in employee training and education, Mikhail has crafted a consistent direct organic leads system that sets Stratton Equities apart.

“Mortgages are about programs,” declares Mikhail. With this philosophy, Stratton Equities’ mission is to offer the most diverse range of mortgage programs in the industry, customizing private money loan programs for every unique project investment need.

A case that resonated with Mikhail was that of a student on the verge of losing her inherited two-family rental property due to lack of credit and funds. Stratton Equities managed to secure a loan for her, enabling her to rent the property and generate income – a solution that no one else was willing to provide.

Filling the Gap

While many lenders limit their loan officers to a narrow spectrum of mortgage programs, Stratton Equities strives to bridge this gap in the mortgage industry. By providing a diverse variety of mortgage programs, Stratton Equities empowers its loan officers to fund and approve a broader range of deals, propelling their careers, accelerating the company’s growth, and aiding those in need.

As Stratton Equities continues to prosper under Mikhail’s leadership, it aims to reach an annual closed loan volume of $1.2 billion or $100 million monthly. To facilitate their growth in 2023, they plan to expand their team and hire experienced Mortgage Loan Officers.

Stratton Equities serves as a guiding light for those navigating the stormy seas of entrepreneurship and real estate investment. It stands as a testament to Mikhail’s resilience, his transformative journey, and his unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.

To stay updated with Stratton Equities, visit their official website and follow them on various social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @StrattonEquities, LinkedIn @stratton-equities, and Twitter @Strattonequity

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