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Max Frater Leaving a Legacy in Merchant Card Processing

Most people who do business with Max have come to know him as “Merchant Max.” It’s also what most people have stored on their phone contacts list. However, that nickname isn’t just for show. It’s the outcome of years spent building a solid reputation in the merchant processing industry, both on a local and national level. 

Max Frater is one of the industry’s leading merchant service consultants in the country. Over the years, he has provided results and shown the utmost integrity and dedication as a solution provider who delivers for his clients at every turn. 

Getting to such a level hasn’t been an easy road. Max Frater was once a pizza delivery driver who would work the store register on occasions. Later, he would start working in sales, making telemarketing and door-to-door efforts to reach targets and regularly exceed goals. In college, Max studied business administration and management, but networking was always his forte. “I was able to secure partners and investors and develop into a small business owner and entrepreneur, owning or operating companies in a variety of industries,” shares Merchant Max. “From shipping services to eyewear manufacturing, in a short number of years, I gained decades of experience in various aspects of small business.” The rest is history for the king of merchant services. 

Max was never afraid to get his hands dirty as a business owner. He built his inventory systems from scratch and would even stock shelves and assist with fulfillment when necessary. He learned all that he could perform about every aspect of the business, including customer service and bookkeeping, to ensure that Max understood all of the roles to the empire he was building from the ground up.

As he established his business, he started to realize an obvious void in credit card processing. “I became personally invested in sourcing a solution,” shares Frater. “In my efforts to locate a viable solution for my company, I noticed that the processing industry had an obvious need for knowledgeable consultants that understood the needs of the businesses they serviced. So I ultimately did my research, developed solutions, and found processing relationships to make it possible.”

After creating a working solution, Max would then offer it to his competitors, who also had the same issues. He had found a market for himself that he would grow to unprecedented levels by solving problems for businesses like his own. Frater shares how providing services as a business owner for fellow business owners “felt natural,” noting that it seemed it was something he was made for from the beginning. 

For Max, his most significant edge is his integrity, knowledge, and work ethic; and it shows in the many long-term business relationships he has created over the years. Most of his opportunities come through referrals,  owed to his clients’ satisfaction when working with him. Max remains dedicated to serving others and looks forward to creating more opportunities for growth for himself and the people and businesses he works with.

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