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Marilyne Nix: The Social Media Guru That Helps Brands Thrive Online

Social media marketing has changed the way entrepreneurs do business, and it has even paved the way for more individuals to start their own companies or personal brands. Early on, Marilyne Nix recognized that social media would become a powerful tool to have in a brand’s arsenal. Her well-timed observation has helped her create a successful career as a social media guru and expert. Today, Marilyne Nix is the go-to social media expert for entrepreneurs and influencers who want to leverage their social media presence to increase their revenue.

Marilyne Nix has a few points to discuss why social media marketing and branding are essential for businesses. She said, “Social media and having a good online presence, in general, is essential for today’s entrepreneurs. The consumers are all online. That’s where your market is now, and this is why developing an online presence for your company or yourself should be a priority.” 

In beginning her career in social media, Marilyne Nix started as an influencer. She shared content about luxury living and luxury item must-haves. From there posting on Instagram, she grew it into the brand LuxeLife9. As an entrepreneur who relies heavily on social media, Marilyne gained first-hand experience using these platforms to grow her business and broaden her reach.

“I created this identity for my personal brand, focusing on luxury. By defining my brand, I could market my content and business to the right people. Growing on social media is truly about finding the right audience,” she explained, “After you create your online platform, you need to reach the right people. Finding the right consumers and the right audience is the best way to grow in any meaningful way online. Having millions of followers who don’t genuinely care for your company won’t help you. Finding your audience is vital.”

Since launching her brand LuxeLife9, Marilyne Nix has expanded her business. She launched a social media consulting company under the LuxeLife9 umbrella. Her latest business venture aims to help businesses of all sizes elevate their social media presence and branding.

“What I do as a social media consultant is help companies create a consistent online brand image. Then I guide them as we launch their brand on different online platforms,” Marilyne explained, “As a social media coach, I take them through each step in crafting their online presence. Finally, I teach my clients the skills they need and how to solve any problems that might come up on their online platforms.”

Marilyne Nix has helped businesses, brands, and influencers grow online through her guidance and expertise. “Since I started working with my clients, many of them have reported a double or even triple increase in their revenues,” the social media guru and global influencer shared. “Most people think that managing online platforms for brands is easy, but it’s a lot more complicated than they think. But because I have been in this industry for a long time, I have learned all the tricks to making social media work for me. And this expertise is what I offer all my clients. As a result, my business has grown exponentially. I have become a global influencer and a successful entrepreneur because I started to take my online presence seriously. The kind of growth I experienced with my brand can also happen to my clients and their businesses.”

Even as LuxeLife9 and Marilyne Nix have come so far from their humble beginnings, Marilyne continues to plan for even more expansion. She reveals her plans to develop and launch a luxury skincare and swimsuit line.

“I have built trust with my audience, and I want to nurture that loyalty and connection by offering them luxury products that I know they will love. Everything is still in the works, but I can’t wait to share my creations soon,” Marilyne said.As a social media guru, consultant, and influencer, Marilyne Nix is active on all her social media platforms. “My lines of communication are open to all business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers who want to leverage their social media for growth. They need only to reach out on Instagram, and we can begin to work on a social media branding strategy together.”

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