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Maikol Puebla Leads MP Home Collection Real Estate Into Greater Feats

Leading a team of highly skilled and well-experienced individuals in one of the most competitive industries in the world today can be quite challenging. But real estate agent Maikol Puebla remains convinced that challenges are meant to bring out the best in people. It is for this reason that he looks forward to leading his team, MP Home Collection Real Estate Group, into the next set of achievements, they are targeting after successfully elevating the property values in North Bergen, New Jersey, as a result of their massive sales efforts. 

Maikol and his team at MP Home Collection Real Estate Group are exceptionally good at what they do. In fact, they were able to sell 1504 & 1506 45th Street, North Bergen, NJ, for $1.7 million this year alone. In 2021, they also sold 4316 Durham Ave, North Bergen, NJ, for $1.7 million and sold 7100, 7022, and 7024 Cottage Ave, North Bergen, NJ, as a package deal for a whopping $2.2 million. 

North Bergen, being 15 minutes away from Manhattan, holds a lot of promise today in terms of commercial or residential values, and Maikol is more than ready to level up and exceed what they have accomplished over the past two years. He is constantly monitoring and analyzing trends within the industry so he can better their performance.

“Being knowledgeable is the foundation of my business. I take pride in walking in a room full of agents and being the most knowledgeable about my industry. I am also a results-driven individual. The numbers myself and my team have been able to accomplish, particularly in North Bergen, NJ, is record-breaking and a testament to our commitment to perfection,” Maikol shared. 

What truly differentiates Maikol is his undying commitment to completing every client’s desired service in due time. He also understands the need to simply mingle with his co-workers or officemates.

“I fell in love with the real estate industry. It is an incredible position to be in when a seller trusts you with the sale of their biggest asset, and it requires a tremendous amount of trust and an impeccable reputation. Same goes for buyers, in particular first-time home buyers, who trust you to guide them through the process of what, in most cases, is the biggest investment of their lives,” Maikol shared.

If he is to boast, Maikol would like for people to know that the efforts of his team contributed greatly to closing some of the deals they achieved. “I have a very keen understanding of how big the decision of selling or buying a house can be for someone, keeping in mind that there are over 65,000 real estate agents in the state of NJ. I do not take it lightly when someone gives me an opportunity to assist with the sell or purchase of their property. It is a monumental task, and I treat it as such,” Maikol added.

Maikol Puebla anticipates that the real estate business will become even more competitive in the coming years. However Maikol believes that quality of service and proven results will always prevail.


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