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Limitless X Closes an Agreement With Bio Lab Naturals to Elevate the Industry and Expand Its Horizons 

The emergence of digital media has brought about many opportunities for success online. Seasoned digital marketing experts have taken their competitive edge up a notch to elevate their clients’ reach, exposure, and overall success. A creative and empowering lifestyle agency called Limitless X stands among the most successful marketing companies within the digital marketing industries, bringing success to any brand it works with. With the recent completion of the share exchange agreement with Bio Lab Naturals (“the Company”) (OTCQB: BLAB) that became effective last May 20, 2022, this power player is bound to elevate the industry, setting a precedent for various advertising agencies across the arena.

Widely recognized for its impressive track record, Limitless X is a lifestyle agency that specializes in digital advertising and marketing. Boasting colors that exude passion, precision, and dedication, this trailblazing entity has a global ecosystem with three verticals and a series of industry-leading product and service-oriented businesses within each; focusing on the Health & Wellness, Beauty and Skincare, and CBD industries. Founded by a visionary, Jas Mathur, whose zealous spirit is empowered by consistently pushing the boundaries of the industry, Limitless X continues to make significant strides by taking the big step with Bio Lab Naturals through the share exchange agreement.

The share exchange agreement that was made effective May 20, 2022, has allowed Limitless X shareholders to receive approximately 90% of the Company’s stocks in exchange for all of X’s shares. Concurrent to this, Limitless X founder and principal shareholder Jas Mathur also purchased 500,000 shares from Helion Holdings LLC, which are the Company’s Class A Preferred, Supermajority Voting Convertible Stock. In this significant turn of events, Limitless X effectively expands its brand recognition, enabling clients that work with them to possess a wider reach.

“Today marks an important milestone for Limitless X,” said Jas Mathur. “Our mission is to launch products and services which make people look good and feel great. Operating as a public company, we are now able to increase our visibility and exposure within the capital markets, expand our brand recognition and provide our market opportunity to a wider investor audience. I look forward to this next step, of entering the public markets and turning Limitless X into a rapidly growing successful enterprise and a globally recognized household brand,” he added.

Although the Company intends to change its name and file for a ticker symbol change in the coming weeks, Limitless X will continue to carry on Bio Lab Naturals’ business and core operations, including Prime Time Live, Inc., a Denver, CO-based company that provides clients with high-resolution mobile LED screens for entertainment, corporate, civic, and sporting events. By continuing to defy odds, Limitless X is bound to take the industry by storm.

As can be gleaned from its recent developments, it is clear that this is only the beginning of Limitless X’s journey to success. With this share exchange agreement with the Company, it is set to expand its global ecosystem while continuing to provide unique product and service-oriented businesses within the Health & Wellness, Beauty & Skincare, and CBD industries.

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