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LaFarra & Company Provides Alternative Natural Solution to Skincare

Every woman can attest that the use of makeup and other common beauty products comes with its challenges. For instance, one of the most common displays of sensitivity to mascara, as noted by Dr. LaFarra Young-Gaylor, is pink irritated eyes. 

As a woman with a special affinity for makeup, Dr. LaFarra endured long- time suffering from the use of mascara and liner that caused eye irritation. As a woman of science, however, she understood the potential risks associated with using cosmetics that had various chemicals. After losing her lashes to her beauty routine, she became committed to creating more enjoyable, safe alternatives for beauty. 

Dr. LaFarra Young, a physician by training, certified to practice by several boards and organizations, is the founder and CEO of LaFarra & Company, a venture that offers luxurious wellness beauty products for individuals with product sensitivities. Its mission is to help people look their absolute best and ensure that they do not compromise their health in doing so. Dr. LaFarra created an entire line of luxury magnetic lashes under LaFarra & Co. Its other products include lash and brow growth serums, a makeup removal system with luxurious cleansing oils, and collagen gummies. 

The company is a beacon for those seeking healthy and safe products made from natural ingredients. They stand out not only because they are minority-owned, physician-owned and  have an environmentally friendly culture but also due to a commitment to making natural beauty options that offer superior results. 

“My company will help transform the beauty industry with safe, chic products for confident, busy women who will know they have a choice when it comes to beauty products. They won’t have to compromise on quality just to have cleaner beauty options, and they will appreciate that my brand uses science to support incorporation or exclusion of ingredients in our products.” Dr. LaFarra proclaimed.Learn more about LaFarra & Company here.

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