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Kayvon Kay Shares Tips to Help Business Owners Avoid Mistakes in these Uncertain Economic Times

The uncertainty in the business world these days affects every business, as even the most experienced entrepreneurs get caught in the crossfire. Seasoned salesman Kayvon Kay, the founder of The Sales Connection, shares some tactics that business owners can implement to avoid making mistakes with the uncertainties in the current global economic state.

Kayvon Kay’s over 20 years of experience have exposed him to the inner workings of the business world. He has seen how entrepreneurs think and, thus, has first-hand info about what entrepreneurs may consider as the next best moves. Kayvon Kay states that he has seen many business owners making the mistake of thinking they can pivot or generate wealth within a short time. “There are countless promises made every day by influencers and business coaches who advertise rapid financial results with a very little description about how much work it takes to achieve success and how long it can and SHOULD take to achieve positive results. It’s often said overnight success usually takes 15 to 20 years to achieve. If you go in expecting to become rich overnight, you may become discouraged early on and give up your dream prematurely,” he said.

Kayvon Kay advises business owners to persevere and be patient in their quest to acquire wealth. “Only if your company is stagnant for too long should you consider trying something new,” he said. He also believes that business owners fail to identify future challenges that may occur in the fiscal year. He recommends that business owners should do everything possible not to get overwhelmed by their businesses. Kayvon Kay is a big proponent of entrepreneurs taking time out for themselves, having a proper healthy diet, getting enough rest and taking breaks from their businesses. “Balance your personal and business life, and you will do better in both,” he said.

Helping business owners achieve growth and success is the core of Kayvon Kay’s mission as a sales expert. HE offers tips and strategies for business growth and also offers high-performing sales services through his brand, The Sales Connection. His over twenty years of mastering the art of sales and working with high-level coaches, consultants and closers has made him an authority in the sales world. He has been named Canada’s number #1 pharmaceutical sales representative with his multi-million-dollar coaching program, One-Call Closer Methodology helping many entrepreneurs make multiple figures in sales.

Kayvon Kay has committed himself, and his expertise to seeing businesses flourish with positive numbers. He hopes to see more entrepreneurs pay closer attention to the metrics that make their businesses grow. He aims to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams in the business world and point them in the right direction through high-quality sales coaching and training.

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