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Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. Launches the Kreative Master Minds Program to Empower the Youth With Creative Writing

Inspiring the youth to share their story is crucial to raising a confident generation. Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. is doing precisely that—empowering young people and families from all walks of life through creative platforms. 

Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. is a family and children advocacy nonprofit organization focusing on faith, family, fun, and finance, known as the Four F Framework. The program is designed to support families with children, strengthen broken relationships, build stronger bonds with social and emotional learning tools, and generate generational wealth, all while simultaneously having fun and learning how to express themselves with confidence. The company’s masterclasses, training, courses, and Facebook community are centered around the Four F Framework and are equipped to produce the four core values of the foundation.

To have a broader impact, Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. has partnered with industry leaders, CEOs, founders, small business owners, corporations, and government entities. Through said relationships, the nonprofit has successfully grown its web, which further helped it deliver projects as efficiently as possible to chosen beneficiaries.

Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc recently launched its new program called Kreative Master Minds, a project to help the youth, K – 12, find their voice and build confidence through arts and culture, specifically creative writing. The writing program aims to provide the youth with enriching activities that promote mindfulness, self-esteem, identity, and culture. In addition, the goal is to create an environment that exposes the youth to various opportunities in the creative writing industry and helps them achieve their dreams of becoming writers or authors. 

Furthermore, besides honing their skills in creative writing, learning the process of producing a children’s book, and building confidence by putting their thoughts on paper, the youth in the program also gets to connect with other creatives from the other side of the world. They get to become pen pals with another youth in Africa who also dreams of being a writer or an author. In addition, the youth in the program will get to have their completed books published. 

“We are a nonprofit organization that promotes entrepreneurship in families. Through our programs, we not only teach the youth how to create a body of written work to publish, but we teach them how to monetize it and become a kidpreneur,” shared Founder and CEO Yalanda Barber-Sweney. “We also support and assist other nonprofits that have similar clients in teaching them how to publish books to build visibility and generate revenue in the marketplace.”

Yalanda Barber-Sweney is the first African-American woman to create a female and male toy curated as African-American Foster Care Heroes – Princess Yaya and King James. She has always been driven to make a difference, especially in families with children who have mild to moderate disabilities or disorders, such as personality, self-identity, self-esteem, emotional behavior disorders, and attention deficit disorders – a mission well-fulfilled by Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. today. As the rate of child abuse went up during the pandemic, the CEO and her nonprofit have been instrumental in being the voice of hope for many families as their programs have empowered parents, guardians, caregivers, and the youth. 

In five years, Inspire Your Daughters and Sons aim to build a school and housing project in Africa for families. The organization also wants to build an arts and culture studio with a warehouse functionality in Atlanta. Besides Kreative Master Minds, the nonprofit aims to expand its programs and teach other forms of visual arts, including dance, drama, photography, drawing, music, and literature.

“We will have yearly visits to all seven wonders of the world to expose our youth to a vast array of culture, with multiple visits on the continent of Africa. We will have a global book club and quarterly art exhibition for fundraising of our youth’s art on display,” the CEO revealed.

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