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Inspira Technologies’ Strategic Move into Central America: A Landmark Distribution Agreement Worth $28 Million

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In a noteworthy development, Inspira™ Technologies OXY BHN Ltd. (Nasdaq: IINN), a trailblazer in reimagining acute respiratory care, has recently announced a game-changing distribution agreement with CIO MED GROUP, a prominent distributor of medical devices and technology across Central America. This exclusive partnership is anticipated to yield potential revenues of $28 million over a span of five years.

The distribution agreement, subject to regulatory approval, is set for an initial five-year term. Both entities are gearing up to collaborate on the promotion and deployment of INSPIRA ART devices, with a particular focus on the recently FDA-submitted INSPIRA ART100. With an approximate six-month approval timeline, the INSPIRA ART100 is engineered to offer Cardio and Pulmonary Support, signaling a significant advancement in respiratory care.

Furthermore, this agreement covers the flagship INSPIRA ART500 and HYLA Blood Sensor Technology. The partnership aims to revolutionize external breathing assistance for over 20 million patients annually, aiming to reduce dependence on mechanical ventilation. The current reliance on mechanical ventilation equipment often leads to a host of complications, including physical injury, infections, and, in severe cases, even fatalities.

Originating from Israel, Inspira Technologies has been on a relentless mission to redefine acute respiratory care. Their innovative approach aims to empower breathing without the need for traditional lung support, ultimately reducing the reliance on mechanical ventilation systems. The company is also deeply committed to delivering advanced blood circulation technology, incorporating AI-driven monitoring and analytics to foster patient-centric, data-driven solutions. This united effort is dedicated to enhancing patient outcomes and optimizing hospital efficiency.

Joe Hayon, the President and co-founder of Inspira, enthusiastically shared his thoughts on the agreement, stating, “This partnership opens up an exciting avenue for us to expand our portfolio of innovative products within the medical community and patient population in Central America, while we await FDA clearance for our INSPIRA ART100 systems.”

The collaboration with CIO MED GROUP is expected to significantly amplify Inspira’s presence in Central America, making their groundbreaking products more accessible to the region’s medical community and patients. As anticipation mounts for the FDA clearance of the INSPIRA ART100 system, stakeholders and the medical fraternity remain eager for innovative solutions to age-old healthcare challenges. 

Looking forward, Inspira Technologies is actively broadening its market reach with innovative products such as the INSPIRA ART100 and INSPIRA ART500, thereby making a substantial contribution to global healthcare. This latest milestone underscores Inspira’s unwavering commitment to reshaping respiratory care, impacting patients’ lives significantly, and setting new industry standards.

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