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How Vivamacity Became a Leading Name in the Jewelry Industry

Most successes were carved with a simple idea that seamlessly became stepping stones toward any industry’s pinnacles. Although some ideas are already created with the drive to succeed, several are built without the intention of becoming big. These ideas that are accidentally made are mostly products of passionate individuals whose goal is not to generate wealth but to catalyze change and serve as an instrument. One impactful personality who has made significant strides is Katarina Viva, the esteemed founder of Vivamacity. 

Katarina Viva is an entrepreneur who had no idea she would become big in the jewelry industry. Armed with a curious mind and creative disposition, this multifaceted had her roots in the trade when she posted a listing on Etsy to see how the process worked on the platform. Much to her surprise, she managed to sell jewelry to her first buyer, which immediately inspired her to sell more of her pieces. Years down the road, her passion grew, breathing life into the Vivamacity brand.

“My brand was really built by accident. I never meant to start a company, but when I got my first sale, I began to create new products, which immediately captured the attention of people, most especially women,” shared Katarina.

With 60 dollars to her name and no support from anyone, Katarina Viva worked hard while struggling with anxiety and depression. She persevered and created Bohemian black cord chokers with silver charms, quickly capturing the attention of many ladies – young and old. Katarina then made her brand known on social media, leading her to grow to over 600,000 followers on Instagram. From then on, Vivamacity became a hit, with a physical location at The Grove, Los Angeles, California.

As a brand that offers high-quality gems, the founder’s passion is not the only thing that makes it a must-watch name in the scene. Infused with crystals, gemstones, and more, Vivamacity offers a wide range of products that cater to the different tastes and preferences of women across the globe. From rings and necklaces to anklets, bracelets, and more, Vivamacity’s products certainly walk the talk.

“We only use the best quality 925 silver and prettiest gemstones that are handpicked by our artisans to serve our clients better,” shared Katarina.

When asked about the company’s greatest challenge, Katarina Viva shared her previous obstacles in shaping her brand. Before Vivamacity became a big name in the industry, some companies stole her early designs, which ultimately broke her heart. However, she treated these challenges as minor hiccups, which fueled her to exert more effort in her business. Years down the road, Katarina managed to bounce back, with Vivamacity being more prominent than before.

Although these successes were certainly sprinkled with grit and a persevering attitude, Katarina Viva would always credit the passion she held throughout the years. Because of this spirit, she has managed to propel Vivamacity and slowly build an empire of her own. Through her company’s rise to fame, Katarina not only aims to cement a reputation but also seeks to inspire the next generation of hopefuls to become passionate in their pursuits and never give up.

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