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HBi Auto Offering Authentic Car Sales Services to Instill Confidence and Deliver 100% Service Guarantee

One of the biggest issues with buying a car for many people is not knowing what to look out for. This makes the experience daunting for many as they know nothing about cars and are left unsure about their intended purchase. To ease the buying process and improve the buying experience, Billy Wenk partnered with Evan Wiles to establish HBi Auto in 2018. 

HBi Auto specializes in the sales of pre-owned vehicles, vehicle repair, maintenance, performance evaluation and improvement, detailing, paint protection film, and transportation and concierge services. The company’s headquarters is in Mocksville, NC, where it has rolled out its services to customers who need them and achieved exponential growth in the last two years. It focuses on car brands like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren and has created a transparent buying process to retain customers’ confidence.

The core of HBi Auto’s services is based on the comprehensive checks and repairs of every car that makes it to its facilities. Describing its process, the COO and co-founder, Evan Wiles, said, “When the vehicle arrives at our facility, the first step is to have our trained detail techs inspect the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle. We then initiate our reconditioning process, where we focus on bringing the vehicle’s quality back to our standards through extensive detailing, paint protection and cosmetic repairs that maximize the vehicle’s condition. Then, we validate our work through a stringent quality check program to ensure no steps were missed and document with an internal report for our records.” 

HBi Auto aims to give its customers cars it can vouch for. Thus, before even listing the cars for sale, it ensures they have gone through an intensive servicing process that includes inspection, repairs, upgrades, restoration, and quality checks to provide the best vehicles in guaranteed conditions. This aligns with the company’s goal to fill a gap in the car buying experience and help buyers build confidence in the vehicles they purchase. “We recognized there needed to be an improved buying experience that instills confidence not just in first-time buyers but repeat buyers as well. We have developed a system that allows our expertise to provide transparency and build confidence in this buying process,” one of the co-founders explained.

One of the ways HBi Auto is doing to improve the acquisition process for its clients is by conducting virtual tours. Most clients check out cars online and may not get the full experience of inspecting the vehicles in person, so HBi Auto offers virtual tours to allow them to see all the details clearly. Additionally, plans are underway to post buyer guide videos on YouTube to educate prospective buyers. “We want to educate our buyers on maintenance for their vehicles, the common problems we see in our service shop and any additional unique information related to the vehicle to prepare buyers for the ownership experience of an exotic car,” COO Evan Wiles said. “We also offer in-house indirect financing options with several lenders to make acquisition easy, vehicle service contracts, guaranteed asset protection insurance, wheel and tire protection packages, ceramic coatings, paint protection film and nationwide transport to deliver the car right to the customer’s door.”

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