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Fundamental Global, the Private Partnership Founded by Power Players Joe Moglia and Kyle Cerminara

In the face of today’s rapidly changing economic landscape, countless entrepreneurs and ventures may find themselves struggling not only to survive and adapt but also grow. Without growth, they would ultimately fall behind their competitors and run the risk of fading into the background. Fundamental Global, a private partnership focused on long-term strategic holdings, knows all too well how dynamic the financial realm is and the dire consequences faced by those who fail to stay on top of it. Always setting its eyes on greater heights, this power player is currently making strategic moves on its way up.

Co-founded by former T. Rowe Price, Point72, and Tiger Cub portfolio manager Kyle Cerminara and former Chairman and CEO of TD Ameritrade Joe Moglia, Fundamental Global has built a solid reputation within the industry for its expertise and consistency in delivering results. Its efforts are in line with one overarching philosophy that speaks of the company’s specialization and commitment.

“Our philosophy is to grow intrinsic value per share, using fundamental research and allocating capital to asymmetric risk/reward opportunities,” shared the minds leading this trusted authority.

Since its launch, Fundamental Global has excelled in multiple areas, including core holdings, merchant banking, SPACs, reinsurance, and venture capital. Right now, it has four SPACs filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, two of which are completed. The impressive portfolio attached to the name of Fundamental Global isn’t surprising, considering the caliber of its founders. Joe Moglia, one half of the power duo spearheading the efforts of this private partnership, served as the CEO of TD Ameritrade in 2001 when it was but a fledgling firm on the brink of bankruptcy. Worth just $700 million then, the company witnessed its market cap rise to $20 billion under Moglia’s leadership. Additionally, shares increased by 500% during his watch.

Kyle Cerminara, the other brilliant mind at the helm of Fundamental Global, is a member of the board of directors of a number of companies in the reinsurance, investment management, technology, and communication sectors. Over the years, he’s assumed critical roles in several ventures, serving as a senior advisor to FG Merger Corp. and the chairman of FG Acquisition Corp. Since February 2021, he has stood as president of FG New America Acquisition II Corp. and will serve as a director to this special purpose acquisition company that is currently in the process of completing its initial public offering.

Under their guidance, Fundamental Global has quickly emerged as a go-to provider of top-notch financial services. Its SPAC platform, in particular, has gained renown and is used by individuals and entities interested in launching a Special Purpose Acquisition Company because of its speed and simplicity. The platform not only delivers administrative and back-office services but also provides access to risk capital, and deal flow and due diligence support. In the years to come, Fundamental Global is expected to occupy a more prominent position in the industry because of its hunger for growth and attitude, refusal to remain stagnant, and adherence to its principles.

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