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How For You Advertising is Revolutionizing the TikTok Advertising & UGC Space

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With TikTok agencies being a dime a dozen in 2023, there’s one that stands out above the rest. For You Advertising is dominating the space in more ways than one. Not only have they scaled their agency to 7 figures in less than a year, but they’ve also grown countless clients to over 7 figures in sales in lightning-fast time frames. They don’t focus on vanity metrics such as likes or views; they focus on one thing for their clients, which is ROI.

They specialize in performance creative and media buying for their clients and only work with 7- and 8-figure e-commerce brands who are already spending money on other platforms but haven’t figured out TikTok. TikTok is an amazing place for these brands to grow and often drives lift in a brand’s overall marketing ecosystem but it’s tough to crack for a lot of them.

The formula for success on TikTok is a high volume of quality content and a rock-solid paid strategy. While this may sound simple, many brands and agencies have a really hard time figuring it out, without a significant increase in creative costs. One thing that makes their results stand out over others is the fact that they have access to over 1000 vetted creators, specializing in user-generated content (UGC) that they have trained and nurtured for the best possible creative outcome. This means that when they bring on a client, they can find the perfect creator to promote their client’s brand. Having this creator network helps their clients achieve the best results possible, which are impossible to achieve with another agency… or especially on their own.

Another thing that makes their process work so well is the fast onboarding process to get clients rolling. After onboarding, they schedule a brand-deep dive session with their new client. In this deep dive, they analyze the client’s brand and help brainstorm a creative strategy to help them grow. After this step, they conduct a TikTok workshop for their clients, outlining the platform fundamentals and streamlining the creative strategy which will get their clients the best results. After this, their creative team puts together the content to prepare for launch. Then, they launch the client’s ads. From there, it’s time to scale. This is when they begin scaling the client’s account and helping them get more sales.

For You Advertising is the leading authority in the TikTok UGC, Performance Creative, and Media Buying space, and their countless case studies and experience have proven this time and time again. We are confident they will continue scaling, getting the best results possible for their clients, and growing their team. We are excited to continue following their journey and see where they go next.

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