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FasterFreedom LLC: Redefining Real Estate

FasterFreedom LLC Redefining Real Estate
Photo Courtesy: Faster Freedom

Nestled in the vibrant heart of St. Louis, MO, a triumvirate of enterprises has been silently reshaping the real estate horizon. Built upon pillars of integrity, innovation, and empowerment, FasterFreedom LLC (2019), FasterHouse LLC (2002), and Midwest Property Group (2014) have each etched unique identities within the sector, united by a singular vision: to enlighten and embolden communities on the path to financial independence and security.

At the helm of these ventures are visionaries who have turned personal camaraderie into professional dynamism. Lucas Walls and Sam Primm exemplify a synergy that blends operational acumen with sales and marketing expertise. Their journey from middle school friends to co-founders underscores a shared dedication to real estate transformation. Complementing this duo is Matt Sieb, COO of FasterFreedom, whose corporate background now fuels the strategic execution of innovative ideas. Matt Lauman brings his executive experience from a local liquor distributor to oversee the flipping success at FasterHouse as its COO. Lastly, Richard Frock’s engineering mindset as COO of Midwest Property Group ensures meticulous management of rental units and tenant relations.

Each entity under this collective umbrella offers unique solutions to pressing market needs. FasterFreedom stands out with its dual approach: offering free real estate investing education to its 2.7 million social media followers while nurturing a paid community where students learn wealth creation strategies alongside their full-time jobs. This model has already empowered over 1500 students who collectively own more than $200 million in real estate assets.

FasterHouse addresses the plight of homeowners entangled in distressing circumstances by purchasing properties that might otherwise languish unsold or fall into foreclosure. This intervention not only rescues homeowners but also revitalizes neighborhoods.

Midwest Property Group complements these efforts by focusing on property management and development services that prioritize tenant well-being and affordability without compromising quality.

What sets these companies apart is not just their diverse offerings but their unwavering commitment to fairness, respect, continuous improvement, personal accountability, perseverance, abundance mindset, integrity, fun, and support within their community engagements.

Their target demographic spans ambitious individuals aged 25-40 who seek more than what traditional employment offers — control over their financial future through proven investment strategies.

The core values resonate deeply across all operations: “Love and Respect – We put people first.” This ethos is evident in how they engage with both clients and tenants, fostering environments where individuals are valued beyond mere transactions.

Continuous improvement drives these entities to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market by adopting innovative solutions that benefit not only their businesses but also their clients’ lives.

Taking responsibility for outcomes ensures personal accountability is not just a phrase but a practice embedded within every project undertaken by these companies.

The courage to persevere manifests in tackling challenges head-on — be it transforming distressed properties or navigating complex investment landscapes to create sustainable wealth for their communities.

An abundance mindset encourages sharing knowledge freely — evidenced by FasterFreedom’s extensive educational resources designed to demystify real estate investing for beginners.

Integrity forms the foundation upon which all dealings are conducted — ensuring fair treatment for homeowners selling properties under duress or tenants seeking safe housing options.

Finally, maintaining a fun and supportive environment ensures that though the work may be demanding, it never dims the spirit of camaraderie or diminishes the joy found in making meaningful differences in people’s lives.

Those inspired by this story or seeking further information about creating your path toward financial independence through real estate investing can connect via their website.

In an industry often marred by skepticism due to unscrupulous practices, FasterFreedom and Midwest Property Group stand as beacons (forgive the cliché) of hope—demonstrating how businesses can thrive on principles that value human dignity above all else. Through education, fair dealing, and supportive community building, they redefine what it means to succeed in today’s competitive real estate market—proving time again that when you put people first, everything else follows suit.

Published by: Holy Minoza

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