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Diva Starr Boutique Is the Source for High Quality and Affordable Bling

People are noticeable not only when their clothes look fantastic but also when they make good use of accessories. Thoughtful use of accessories expresses distinct personal style and enhances a simple outfit and can serve as an inexpensive way to refresh and expand an existing wardrobe. 

Diva Starr Founder Mellodie Powell offers bespoke and timeless accessories and custom designs. Diva Starr  provides a diverse selection of unique and high-quality accessories, including staple pieces like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and cufflinks. Mellodie also designs jewelry for customers who need something a little more special, creating one-of-a-kind looks that keep people asking for her experienced eye and attention to detail. 

Diva Starr accessories are available at every price point tailored to the needs and budget of customers, including specific bundles and collections in-store. In addition, the brand caters to clients who host jewelry parties at home or online. Hostess/host benefits include a $15.00 jewelry credit on top of free jewelry, a hostess gift, and 10 percent of total party sales. There is nothing like being rewarded while shopping! 

Mellodie understands shoppers who want a one-stop experience to complete their look. Diva Starr shoppers will find apparel like shirts, shawls, hoodies, and black tie fashion, Diva Starr collaborates with several Greek organizations by providing customized pieces of these accessories and clothes that reflect the unique identities of various sororities and fraternities.  

Becoming an entrepreneur comes with several challenges. Still, Mellodie created Diva Starr with two driving forces in mind: to be a source of premium and unique accessories in the market and to be a stay-at-home mother, where she was physically present for quality time with her daughter. 

Because of this, she wants to inspire others, particularly women, to pursue their passions and dreams and become their own boss. By having courage, and utilizing diligence, and persistence, anyone can overcome hardships blocking their path to success. Mellodie self-identifies as a sassy, hardworking, go-getter who wants to use her craft to encourage others to develop and showcase their identity through anything they are passionate about. 

Since its founding in 2011, Diva Starr has served thousands of customers on and offline and has achieved national retail recognition. The brand continues to fulfill its mission to bring people together via their love for exquisite pieces of jewelry and accessories at unbeatable prices, no matter their different tastes and styles.

Mellodie envisions her business branching out to multiple locations in other cities. She also intends to continue creating fashion-forward items to help clients stand out in style. Showing no signs of slowing down, Mellodie stays motivated in achieving her goal of having her brand at the top of the industry.Learn more about Diva Starr  by visiting the company’s website.

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